How studying overseas can enhance your resume

Finding that point of difference about yourself can be difficult. However, UniSA offers many opportunities to their students to give them a competitive edge when applying for graduate roles or positions after their university program is complete.

Studying overseas can provide students with the necessary professional and personal skills that employers are looking for in candidates. 

Why you should study overseas?

  • Improve your employability skills
  • Enhance your global awareness
  • Broaden your cultural understanding
  • Develop your independence and self-reliance
  • Build international networks.

What do employers recognise about studying overseas?

Employers understand that overseas study programs enhance your:

  • understanding of complex global issues
  • creativity and initiative
  • intercultural awareness and communication skills
  • adaptability, tolerance and empathy for diversity
  • independence, responsibility and problem solving capability.

Hear from our industry!

"We rate travel and study tours quite highly when we're looking at resumes. Students definitely need to have an international mind set and the resilience that comes from international travel cannot be underestimated"

Chris Hooper, Chief Executive Officer of Accodex and UniSA Alumni

An overseas experience will challenge your professionally and personally (remember being outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!)