Frequently Asked Questions

Our student mobility team have put together some frequently asked questions that may help you in your research or deciding process of your exchange.

Please read carefully the information below and should you require further assistance, contact the team at

Also the Business School Study Tour officers are available during SP2 and SP5 teaching for student drop in times at the Business School Hub, Level 1 (Ground Floor) Yungondi Building, City West Campus:- Tuesday 2-3pm and Thursday 10-11am. Should you be unable to make these times, please email to make a 1:1 appointment time. 

Full Semester Exchange

  • How many courses do I need available in my program to undertake a full semester exchange
    The minimum requirements to study whilst on exchange is 13.5 units (3 courses) and maximum is 18.0 units (4 courses)

  • How do I know which courses I can use for my exchange?
    Please speak to the Business School Hub for a study plan to discuss which courses can be used for your exchange - electives or subsitution for Business core courses. Please not that that your program director will need to provide the final assesment on this. Meet the Business School hub early in your program to plan! To contact the Business School Hub:

  • How do I know what can be subsituted for a Business core course or not?
    Research on our UniSA exchange partner website for the courses you may study there - list of UniSA exchange partners on the Study Overseas website. Look at which courses you would like to study and then find the equivalent course outline to show your program director, they only have to have a 70% course content match with your program director approval
  • Will I receieve a grade for my exchange? 
    Once you have successfully completed all assessment and the UniSA Student Exchange team have receieved your transcript from your host exchange universtiy  you will be given either a non-graded pass (NGP) or a fail grade. Please note, that the NGP will not increase your towards your GPA 
  • How many preferences do I need to put on my exchange application?
    You will need to select your top three exchange partner institutions and add to the application form, You will need to researh 4 - 6 courses equivalent at UniSA for your top two preferences. It is important at this stage that you touch base with your program director to see if they will work for you when going on exchange, however please understand that these subject choices are not locked in until you are accepted by your host insitution, officially apply to them and it is after this "acceptance" stage you will submit your Course Approval Form to your program director for signing

  • How should I plan my three preferences for my exchange? 
    A popular choice for students are USA, UK and Canada. If one of these countries are in your three preferences then we suggest that you don't put all of your preferences in the one country, for example: your number one preference is Buffalo State University in USA you could choose a close location such as Canada as your second preference - however we suggest that the three institutions that you choose in your application you are happy to study/live there as you need to understand that may not receieve your number one preference. Wherever you choose, you will have a fantastic time! 

Short Term Exchange

  • How do the program fees work for short term exchange?
    The fees vary under the various types of short term exchange programs, advice on this you will need to directly speak to the Business School Mobility team or the Study Overseas team - for more information see the fee comparison here

  • How many courses do I need available in my program to undertake short term exchange?
    The minimum requirements to study whilst on short term exchange is 4.5 units (1 course) and maximum is 9.0 units (2 courses)

  • How do I apply for credit upon my return?
    If you have attended a third-party provider short term exchange program, upon successful completion of your program please submit your additional assignment as requested by your Program Director for assesment and once approved please submit an application for credit form to Campus Central for the credit to be applied to your record. The credit will show on your record as "external credit".

    However if you have attended an exchange partner short term exchange program ou will be enrolled in a 4.5 or 9.0 unit course at UniSA and upon your return and successful completion of your short term exchange program - the receipt of your transcript will allow us to process your grades to be applied to your record. Please note the grade for exchange will be either Non-Graded Pass or Fail.

 UniSA Business School Study Tours

  • What is the process of applying for a study tour?
    Please refer here to further information on study tour costs, application process and funding available etc.

  • Do I have to travel with the study tour group?
    Yes, the group must travel to and from location as a group

  • How do I apply for funding for a study tour?
    All travel grants are applied upon your behalf by the study tour officers. You will only have to apply for OS HELP Loan should you be eligible 
  • How many courses is a study tour equivalent to? 
    Upon successful acceptance into the study tour you will be enrolled into a UniSA course in your program, which is worth 4.5 units for the two weeks
  • Will I receieve a grade for my study tour? 
    Once you have successfully completed all tour assessment, you will be given a grade towards your GPA, eg. Distinction or Credit or P1
  • Do I have to do course assessment while on study tour? 
    Generally, you will participate actively on the study tour and then complete all coursework upon your return to Adelaide. However, there are some study tours that require some course assesment while in country, this will mean managing your time effectively

Travel Grants & Funding Options

 UniSA offer a range of travel grants and/or loans for eligible students to support with any out of pocket expenses:

  • When am I eligible to apply for a Business School Grant?
    Please visit our website for more information regarding our Business School Grants - our Business School grants are competitive.

    Applications for UniSA Business School Grants close:

    • 30th  August for activities taken in the first half of the following year (SP1,2,3,)
    • 30th January for activities taken in the second half of the same year (SP4,5,6,7)

      Please note: Apply for your Business School grant prior to your acceptance into your program. You will not be able to apply or receive the grant retrospectively. 
      The grant deadlines above are fixed timelines and we ask that you please apply for the grant prior to the deadlines.
  • How do I apply for the UniSA International Travel Grant?
    At the point of application for exchange you will be assessed for this grant, you will be advised of your grant and exchange outcome (short or full semester exchange) at the same time.

    Over the your lifetime career you can apply for up to $2,500 from UniSA International. Full For more information regarding the UniSA Travel Grant 

  • Am I eligible for both UniSA Business School Grant and UniSA Travel Grant?
    As a Business School Student you are essentially eligible for both grants. Please ensure that you speak to a Study Tour Officer in the Business School to ask which grants are applicable to you. Email: 

  • What is an OS HELP Loan? 
    An OS HELP loan is a deferred HELP debt loan for undergraduate Australian Citizens - loans of $4,000 to $8,930 are available. Academic approval is required, you must have completed 36 units of study and have 4.5 units remaining on return. 

    Your OS HELP debts will be added to your accumulated HELP debt. Please note you do not need your letter of acceptance from the host university before applying for OS HELP. Applications must be submitted prior to the student leaving for their overseas study, however no more than 6 months before the departure date.

  • How do I apply for OS HELP Loan and how do I know if I am eligible?
    Apply for OS HELP via the MyScholarships link on your MyUniSA student portal. For any questions please contact

    OS HELP eligiblity requirements can be found here on the Study Assist - Australian Government website.