Grants and other funding opportunities

There are a number of ways to offset the cost of your Student Mobility experience. You can read more about the opportunities offered by University International including the UniSA International Travel Grant.

Other funding opportunities exist in the form of OS-Help Loans and Australian Government Scholarships, please visit the Travel Grants webpage for further information.

UniSA Business School Travel Grants

The UniSA Business School offers two types grants to assist you with the expense of studying overseas.

These grants are offered in addition to  UniSA International Travel Grant but are not available in addition to other Business School activity based funding such as funding for UniSA Business School Study Tours.

UniSA Business School Student Mobility Grant

The Business School Mobility Grants will assist you with travel expenses when you are on an international exchange - either for a semester or for a short term program - at a partner University. Grants apply to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students who are enrolled in a UniSA Business School program and who are participating in exchange for the first time. You must have applied for your exchange prior to submitting a grant application and have received Program Director approval for credit on successful completion of your exchange.  

UniSA Business School Overseas Experience Grant

The Business School Overseas Experience Grant will assist you with your travel expenses when you are participating in an overseas study experience with a third party provider. Experiences may include overseas internships, conference presentations, or third party provided summer schools, study tours or volunteer abroad programs. Grants are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in a UniSA Business School program. Activities must be approved by your Program Director for credit into your program.

Applying for a UniSA Business School Grant

The grant application process is outlined in detail in the UniSA Business School Grant Application Process however you should complete and submit your grant application prior to your acceptance from the partner institution or third-party provider using this form

Applications for UniSA Business School Grants close:

  • 30th  August for activities taken in the first half of the following year (SP1,2,3,)
  • 30th January for activities taken in the second half of the same year (SP4,5,6,7)

The closing dates above are applicable to both full semester and short term exchange programs. 

TIP: Every year we see applications from students that are a direct copy of what the partner website says.  The assessment panel would like to know about YOU, why you want to go on an exchange and how going on exchange will make a difference to your study and plans for life beyond university.  Please use the tips on the application form and provide some personal insights. 

 For further information about the application process read this document

To apply, download and complete the application form  - upon completion these should be submitted by email to