What our students have to say about their exchange experience...

Finding out about how other UniSA students experienced their exchange is one of the very important steps to tick off in your exchange planning process.

Returned students provide invaluable information and feedback which could help you decide on your future overseas study plans. The return student reports include:

  • Adjusting to cultural differences
  • Meeting new people and making friends
  • Their top tips on why you should go on exchange
  • Differences in teaching and learning.

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What our business students have to say... 


UniSA business student study tours: 


Name: Sarah Lam
Program: Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Applied Finance
Study Tour Destination/s: South Korea

Even though I have travelled a lot of places, I can say this Korean Study Tour is the best trip I ever had. It has raised my multicultural ability by meeting new people and visiting places I have never been. The De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) tour is one of my favourite, which is a whole new experience! It really helps to know their relationships with the related movies, museums. I even have the chance to step into the Joint Security Area (JSA). Visiting South Korea is definitely unforgettable by its uniqueness.

The New Colombo Plan Travel Grant from the Australian Government is the most awesome thing. Without the grant, the tour will not be perfect. It allows us students to stay in the country and experience the culture and norms. The tour really helps me to lift my knowledge of South Korea in Australia. The New Colombo Plan is very valuable to students as it provides precious chances to study in countries in Indo-Pacific Region. With these distinctive experiences, it enriches my skill in real life situation and builds my networking skill for my profession.


Name: Fiona Gurd
Program: Bachelor of Business (Management)
Study Tour Destination/s: Italy and London

The study tour exposed me to a range of experiences that introduced me to the historical connections between law, art and literature from past and present, which has helped to shape my own attitudes towards justice and the legal system. I love traveling, meeting people and experiencing new things, so this was a perfect opportunity to combine my passions with education.

Cities visited: London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Siena

Name: Sean Boden
Master of Management
Study Tour Destination/s:

I was very fortunate to visit Japan on a UniSA study tour as part of my Masters program at UniSA. There has been many highlights for the tour on a professional level and it was incredibly insightful to have toured a number of businesses, such as Nitto Innovation Centre. In addition the insight into Nitto's approach to innovation, the hospitality that ensured was second to none and highlighted the uniquely Japanese approach to hosting corporate guests. Many thanks to the team at the University of South Australia for making this possible!


Full semester exchange:


Name: Emily Spinato
Program: Bachelor of Business (Tourism & Event Management)
Exchange: SP5 2017
Host University: Kwansei Gakuin University
Country: Japan

This experience expanded my understanding about the work ethics of those in foreign countries, and team-working and communication skills. I think one of the most important skills I learned during this experience was practicing communicating with those of other origins. I feel that such skills enable one to properly understand those of other backgrounds, which is imperative, particularly for my degree (tourism and event management).

If you are hesitant towards completing an exchange, perhaps think about all the good things you can experience at the place you have chosen - consider the food, the sights and the people you will meet and make friends with. Imagine all the good things you can enjoy there, rather than any negative aspects because I feel that any good experience you will have will be the memories you remember, and the negative ones tend to be forgotten, or you will laugh about it later.


Name: Harry Smith
Program: Bachelor of Business (Management)
Exchange: SP5 2017
Host University: Ryerson University
Country: Canada

There were many benefits to completing the semester-long exchange abroad. Personally, I think the exchange program has allowed me to develop as an individual through challenging me to survive in a different country for such a long time. This made me more mature and self-dependent.

This is an amazing opportunity to represent the University of South Australia that not many people get the chance to do so. You will meet many great people throughout your travel and ultimately experience something that you will never forget. 

Name: Amelia Saunders
Program: Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management)
Exchange: SP5 2017
Host University: Aarhus University Business and Social Sciences
Country: Denmark

I chose Aarhus University because they are a very highly ranked business university and I saw undertaking courses at AU would be a valuable addition to my degree. The spectrum of courses to choose from was broad yet approachable and it was easy to match courses with UniSA’s core business topics. 

Even though I learned a lot academically during my stay in Aarhus, I’d say the best thing I gained from being away, was how well I got to know myself. It’s a strangely liberating thing starting fresh in another place. This exchange experience has been life changing and my advice to you is.. is that you have the perfect opportunity to go and be supported while you are away. UniSA offers fantastic communicative and financial support, that there is no reason why you shouldn’t go. 


Short term exchange:  



Name: Beth Shimmin
Program: Master of Marketing
Exchange: SP4 2017
Host University: KEDGE Business School
Country: France

I completed a short-term exchange program in June/July with KEDGE Business School in Marseille, France. I studied two intensive business courses over three weeks and my fellow students were from around the globe - Italy, UK, America, Canada, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea etc. Each week of the course was peppered with business trips and social activities with my fellow students, the larger international KEDGE cohort and local French students as well.  We hiked to hidden beaches in the national park that our campus was located in, sailed on the Mediterranean, went on trips to beautiful regional areas and ate plenty of local cuisine. 

It was incredibly valuable to be taught by international professors and be forced to work in cross-cultural teams with people you didn’t know. As well as learning about International Business, I learnt a lot about patience, team dynamics, compromise, and most importantly, about myself. As a result I feel I have increased my emotional intelligence and am better equipped to work at a management level in a professional setting.


Name: Reuben Naguit
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
SP4 2017
Host University: 
Beijing Normal University (BNU)

I had an amazing time at Beijing during BNU's summer school! I enjoyed experiencing a different culture, visiting different temples and palaces and the great wall, but most of all, making new friends! The food over there is simply amazing and so much cheaper in comparison to here in Australia. 



Name: Alanah Formato
Program: Master of Marketing
Exchange: SP4 2018
Host University: Arnhem Business School, HAN University of Applied Sciences
Country: The Netherlands

My short term exchange at Arnhem Business School was 3 weeks of study, from 9am to 5pm most days, with a mixture of learning in the classroom and also outside of the classroom, in having the opportunity to gain real work exposure in which we visited companies and organisations within Arnhem, Netherlands. We had multiple teachers with different backgrounds from Finance, Marketing, Management, International Business, etc., that each took classes and provided us with training and insights in understanding the Dutch way of conducting business but also how to practically apply our already existing theoretical knowledge conceptually. The course consisted of lots of real world games and activities, that really required us to think critically, had a really strong team work focus and was really about solving everyday business world problems globally.

I would definitely recommend this course firstly because the teachers really are inspiring, are your motivators and most importantly are your mentors. They really do coach you and push in the course to deliver high quality work, and are very proactive in delivering on useful and modern ways of teaching through activities and company visits as mentioned. It’s unlike anyway of teaching I had ever experienced before, it not only counts as a study experience but also as work experience.