Beijing Normal University


BNU LogoBeijing Normal University (BNU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in China. The current campus was built in 1954 and is located in the Haidian district of Beijing. Beijing city is an exciting blend of traditional and modern China famous for its UNESCO world cultural heritage sites such as The Great Wall, The Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, Tiantan and also Tian’anmen Square.

The University of South Australia has a long standing exchange relationship with Beijing Normal University (BNU) and offers full semester exchange places to students of our DMIN International Master of Business Administration, DMIB Master of International Business and DMIE Master of International Business (Extension) programs in Fall or Spring semester.

Tuition is in English and Chinese language courses are available to interested students. As an exchange student you will remain enrolled at UniSA and will not have to pay tuition fees to BNU.

Living costs will total around 4000 RMB per month (approximately AUD$800), which includes on campus accommodation, food and toiletries, clothes, telephone charges, laundry costs, books and materials for your course, leisure, sport and entertainment, sundries such as haircuts, prescriptions etc (if you live off campus you will also need to budget for utilities and travel).


Academic Calendar

Fall semester

Orientation Period Early September
Duration Approximately 5 months
Class begins Mid September
Class (Exams) ends Mid January
Language of Instruction English

Pre-approved course selection and credit for Fall semester to undertake an 18 unit exchange at Beijing Normal University for students enrolled in DMIN, DMIB and DMIE programs at UniSA.

BNU Course BNU Credit UniSA course equivalent UniSA units

International Finance and China


BUSS 5314 Principles of International Business Finance or Specialisation


International Economics


Specialisation Elective


International Marketing


BUSS 5380 Marketing Across Borders or Elective


Topics on China’s Economic Development





9 credits


18 units

Spring semester

Orientation Period Mid February
Duration Approximately 5 months
Class begins End of February
Class (Exams) ends Early to mid July

Pre-approved course selection and credit for Spring semester to undertake an 18 unit exchange at Beijing Normal University for students enrolled in DMIN, DMIB and DMIE programs at UniSA.

BNU Course BNU Credit UniSA course equivalent UniSA units

International Business and China


Specialisation elective


Cross-cultural Exchange and Management


BUSS 5349 Managing Across Cultures or
specialisation elective


Chinese History and Culture




Global Issues and Policies





9 credits


18 units


Important information

Nomination deadline

Applications for exchange to Beijing Normal University must be completed by January 11 for student exchange in the Beijing Normal University Fall semester of the same year, or August 1 for Spring semester of the following year. To apply go to

BNU application deadline

The UniSA International Study Overseas team will advise you within three weeks of the application deadline if you have been nominated for a place at Beijing Normal University. You will then receive information about how to apply.

The Beijing Normal University deadline for applications for:

  •  Fall semester is May 15 of the same year
  •  Spring semester is November 15 of the year prior.
Entry requirements

GPA of 5.5 or above

Application fee

Not applicable to exchange students


Not available to citizens of the People's Republic of China

Language requirement

Native speaker of English or TOEFL 80/IELTS 6 in academic English

Supporting documents required

1. Completed BNU application form for international students (printed-out online application form

2. Certificate of enrolment at UniSA

3. Official academic transcript

4. Two letters of recommendation from the applicant’s former or present teachers

5. Two passport-sized photos

6. Copy of passport

7. Names of 3-4 English-taught courses.

Tuition fees

Not applicable to exchange students - your tuition is paid to your home institution.


On campus accommodation is available for between 60–95 RMB per day (AUD $12–18 per day). After you are admitted, you may reserve accommodation online with the account numbers provided. You are advised to reserve accommodation immediately following notification you have been admitted.

Accommodation application deadlines

Early January (for spring semester); Mid July (for fall semester).


The admission letter and JW202 form (visa application form) is mailed to the exchange program coordinator of the student’s home university within 40 days after the application deadline.

Airport pick up

After getting visa issuance and air ticket, you may apply for airport pick up service online at: (with account and password)

Work rights


Health insurance

Required. It may be purchased in Australia and must be equivalent to a minimum of RMB400,000 (approx. AUD$80,000) in cover for overseas medical care and accidental injury.


You will be required to have a physical examination at a designated hospital in your home country, or you can have your examination in China after arrival at Beijing Normal University.


Please note that the information provided was correct at the time of publication. Beijing Normal University reserves the right to change program details and fees. Whilst every effort is made to provide up-to-date information you should check the Beijing Normal University website for the most current information.