Upcoming events

For more information on COVID-19 in relation to exchange and study abroad students, please visit here.


In addition to our student appointment times every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-2pm either online or in person (please email to make an appointment), the Student Mobility team hosts a number of events throughout the year highlighting student mobility opportunities. 

Please note that there are key annual application deadline dates: 

  • 11 January - UniSA Semester Exchange Application deadlines for SP5 the same year. 
  • 30 January - Business Student Mobility Grant deadline for travel in SP4, 5, 6, 7 that same year. 
  • 1 August - UniSA Semester Exchange Application deadline for SP2 the following year.
  • 30 August - Business Student Mobility Grant deadline for travel in SP1, 2, 3 the following year.

Please RSVP to one or more of our sessions by emailing business.mobility@unisa.edu.au with your name, student ID and the session time.

 Date  Event Location Time 

Please note some events are postponed until further notice. Stay connected as we will re-schedule sessions for later dates.

Our student drop in times must take place over phone or email; however in the meantime please email us with any queries!


Upcoming 2020 events and travel overseas will be dependent on Australian Government and UniSA travel suspensions. However, if any conditions change, we will update our website accordingly. Please be sure to register your interest or contact us if you have any questions: business.mobility@unisa.edu.au.