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The 10 week study period

What you need to know:

Study starts in Week 0 (O Week)

  • Week 0 prepares you so we can hit the ground running with studies and learning in week one.
  • To prepare for studies and learning in week one, it is important that you access and start using the information and the resources on course learnonline websites during week 0.
  • This will place you in the best position to learn and immerse yourself in the course content.

Plan out your whole year!

  • Think about Winter School: an eight-week period in the middle of the year (from June-July) that can be used for a wide variety of activities such as short term summer schools abroad, study tours, intensive offerings of courses to fast-track your degree, internships and more.
  • Find out how you can plan out your ideal program by contacting the Business Student Hub.