Student representatives


Through this involvement, students provide invaluable input to inform strategies and operations, provide an important advocacy service for the student body, and benefit personally as they gain knowledge, skills, experience, and extend networks. An overview of how the University has responded to students' feedback can be found at this link.

What can the student representatives do for me?

Student representatives are responsible for representing student concerns and feedback through informal and official forums.

How can I get in contact with student representatives?

The email contact details for your student representatives are provided below. 

How else can I provide my feedback?

There are various regular formal surveys for course and teaching feedback and feedback channels for UniSA services and facilities. In addition, other regular evaluation activities are being carried out. Other surveys carried out regularly include the University Experience Survey (UES), University Experience Survey Offshore (UESO) and Australian Graduate Survey (AGS)/Transnational Graduate Survey (TGS).

2021 student representatives

University Council

USASA President, Student Representative

USASA Postgraduate Student Representative


USASA President, Student Representative

USASA Postgraduate Student Representative

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Respresentative 

International Representative

City West Representative

City West Undergraduate Representative

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