Bespoke Programs

Our bespoke programs are offered to students already engaged in leadership positions within UniSA. They are designed to focus on more in-depth self-awareness and self-management strategies, team-building, consensus building and more.

Students participate in tailor-made workshops and a project designed to help them lead more effectively and confidently in their existing roles.

Our bespoke programs are available only through a staff-driven process for existing student leadership groups (not individuals) at UniSA, which may include:

  • USASA Reps
  • USASA and UniSA Sport and Club Organisers
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Mentors
  • Academic Student Representatives

The Student Leadership team will work with each group to develop a program of workshops and a group project, depending on their roles, needs and preferences. While there is some flexibility it is expected that the workshops will cover three core topics as a minimum, and may include a number of options topics.

Core topics

• Behavioural profiling
• Managing conflict effectively
• Networking and pitching

Optional topics

• Team building
• Fundraising and sponsorship
• Building assertiveness
• Project design
• Recruiting and managing volunteers


• Building assertiveness
• Conflict management
• Event management
• Financial management

Each team will be required to design and deliver a group project related to their leadership role by negotiated with their staff advisor.

UniSA+ recognition

Our bespoke programs offer students the opportunity to contribute to your UniSA+ portfolio.

Staff involved in sports, clubs, programs, activities or events that involve students taking on leadership roles are invited to contact the Student Leadership team to further discuss opportunities available.

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