UniSA+ Award Pillars


The UniSA+ Award consists of three distinct pillars that encompass the type of co-curricular activities that employers look for on a resume. Each of these three areas have their own criteria and required contact hours.

Evidence of completed activities is submitted through CareerHub. It’s important to remember that activities from up to two years ago can also be counted, as long as you were a UniSA student at the time of completion. You also have until your final day as a UniSA student to complete the requirements for all three pillars.

Approved activities for each pillar can be viewed in CareerHub Activities - search pillar type under "Type of Activity" filter. If you know of an activity that meets the requirements for any of the three pillars, but is not listed, please email the information to unisaplus@unisa.edu.au


Leadership and Enterprise

Self and Career Development

Global and Social Engagement

Leadership and Enterprise

The Leadership and Enterprise pillar emphasises the development of leadership, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, with a focus on structured programs that demonstrate a commitment to an activity over an extended period of time. 

This pillar requires you complete or participate in a minimum of two approved programs, with a minimum of 15 contact hours for each program.

Eligible activities include but are not limited to Study Help PALS, ASRs, UniMentor, G'Day Mates, BUPA Ambassadors, and the ASPIRE Award.

Program eligibility criteria for the Leadership and Enterprise pillar are as follows: 

  • Evidence that the program has a focus on:
    - Leadership development
    - Entrepreneurship
    - Social enterprise
  • Evidence that the program has a training component
  • A certificate or other evidence of participation/completion provided


Self and Career Development

The Self and Career Development pillar emphasises the value and importance of developing personal and professional skills to aid overall employability. These are the types of activities that will make you ready to take on the recruitment process.

This pillar requires you to complete a minimum of 20 hours, over a minimum of four different activities, across at least two of the streams listed below.



Professional and Personal Development Self-development workshops, careers workshops, USASA workshops, Volunteering SA training and courses, USASA training courses, conferences, training courses, self-assessment, skills audit, career planning
Networking Events Professional association events, industry networking events
Mentoring Programs* Participation in formal mentoring programs as a mentee
Reflection Activities Completion of formal self-reflection activities with evidence

*Business Career Mentor Program (BCMP) may be used for this pillar. Full completion of the program must be verified by UniSA BCMP staff and will be allocated as follows:

  • 6 hours of activity in the Mentoring Programs category
  • 2 hours of activity in the Networking Events category
  • 2 hours of activity in the Reflection Activities category


Global and Social Engagement

The Global and Social Engagement pillar emphasises the value and importance of volunteering with organisations that have global or community reach, and presents a great opportunity to give back to the community and actively develop an understanding of global and cultural issues.

This pillar requires you to complete a minimum of 120 hours of volunteering with approved community providers, across at least two of the five categories below, with no more than 60 hours from a single category.

Global Engagement

Volunteering overseas or with globally-focused organisations.

For example:

> Amnesty International
> World Vision

Community Engagement

Volunteering with community-based charities and not-for-profit organisations and clubs.

For example:

> Australian Red Cross
> Meals on Wheels SA

Cultural Engagement

Volunteering with organisations and events with a specific focus on cross-cultural engagement, understanding and harmony.

For example:

> OzAsia Festival
> Reconciliation SA

Student Engagement

A volunteering activity conducted with UniSA or USASA that specifically targets student engagement and participation.

Professional Engagement

Volunteering activity with a business, government department or other organisations that does not align with any other category.

Click here to learn more about the volunteering opportunities available.

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