Special Edition

August 2019

What does a safe and respectful campus look like in this day and age?

Safe and Respectful campuses
The world is a busy place and there is a lot going on in your program, your life and the world around you. We thought it would be a good opportunity to remind all students about our Student Code of Conduct which outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student and member of our university community. Our hope is that you will be successful in your classes, your work, your relationships, and we also want you to know where you can go for information, support, advice and advocacy, in case you ever need it. 

Your first port of call is Campus Central and you can call, email, chat with the friendly and knowledgeable staff, or access the online FAQ for answers on demand. If you need to speak with a Counsellor about a personal issue, or a Career Adviser about job applications, or an Access and Inclusion Adviser about accommodations for a disability or medical condition, you can book an appointment through Campus Central or using the online booking system. If you need help navigating any policies or procedures and would like an advocate from the University of South Australia’s Student Association (USASA) you can visit the Advocacy website for more information.

Your safety and wellbeing is also important to us and we encourage you to download the SafeZone app that can be used to contact Campus Security or to be notified of any on campus emergencies. The University does not tolerate sexual assault or sexual harassment and is part of the national Respect. Now. Always. initiative that outlines how to make a report or disclosure, where to go for support, and how to provide a survivor with support. We encourage all students to complete the Consent Matters training so that we can all do our part to promote a safer and more respectful campus community and in turn make the world a better place. 

Keep up the good work in your classes, keep looking after one another and thank you for doing your part to make our community safe and respectful. 

Professor David Lloyd

Vice Chancellor and President
University of South Australia

Ms Grace Dixon

University of South Australia Student Association


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