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Top 5: online study hacks
Top 15: socially responsible acts of kindness
Venture Catalyst applications closing soon
This week's online events
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Top 5: online study hacks
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1. Set up a designated study space
It’s important to create the perfect study space while you’re studying online from home. A few things to help set the space up include having the top of your laptop/computer at eye level, setting up in a room with good lighting, and keeping your stationery and notebooks organised.
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2. Schedule your study time in advance
Plan out when you need to start assignments, start exam study and schedule in breaks for eating/drinking/exercise. Use breaks as a reward between study, and as something to look forward to once you’ve met your study goals.
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3. Remove digital distractions
During dedicated study hours, turn off notifications on distractive apps or put your phone on do not disturb. Log out of distracting websites on your computer and avoid studying near a TV.
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4. Listen to ambient music to boost productivity
Play ambient noise, classical music or natural sounds on low volume. These noises have been proven to heighten emotions and make you more receptive to new information/ help you retain facts!
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5. Don’t just use Google search
Use Google Scholar which helps you find academic articles on a topic, filtering out sites that aren’t credible or trustworthy.
for your wellbeing
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Top 15: socially responsible acts of kindness
Just because you’re social distancing at home this break doesn’t mean you can’t make the world a little bit brighter! Check out our list of 15 acts of kindness you can perform:

• Pick up some litter
• Share a positive story
• Donate to a local charity
• Send a delivered lunch to a friend
• Learn to say hello in another language
• Drop off a handwritten letter to a friend
• Get takeaway from your local restaurant
• Text a friend good morning and check in with them
• Put a teddy bear in the window for kids on the bear hunt
• Offer to pick up groceries for a busy or elderly neighbour
• Bake some cookies to drop in your neighbours’ letterboxes
• Subscribe to an online newspaper to support local journalism
• Write some nice messages on your street with coloured chalk
• Clean out clothes you don’t wear anymore, ready for donation
• Send ‘thank you’ cards to frontline healthcare workers you know
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Turn your idea into a business - Venture Catalyst
Be your own boss
There’s just two days left to apply for UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre’s Venture Catalyst program.

Do you have an idea that could be the next big thing? Uber? Something related to space? Perhaps a social enterprise that benefits the wider community? Venture Catalyst will help you get there with a $10,000 stipend (100% equity-free), capability workshops designed for founders, one-on-one and group mentoring, access to a pool of global expert advisers, and more.

Due to COVID-19, Venture Catalyst will only be delivered online for the foreseeable future.
Applications close 9.00am on Thursday 23 April
Apply Now
event highlight
Honouring Anzac Day with the University of South Australia Saturday 25 April 2020
Anzac Day
Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. A veteran who wishes to remain anonymous, describes the importance of Anzac Day “as a way to remember the past, to thank people who have gone before us and that it provides us with a sense of National Identity”.

This year’s Anzac Day will be different to those of the past, as we honour the day from our own homes. We encourage you to join the “Light Up the Dawn Movement” and gather (safely) at the end of your driveway, your balcony or your window with a candle, and pay your respects to our veterans with a minute of silence at 5.55 am. You can also watch the Australian War Memorial Dawn Service on ABC TV and iView or through the Australian War Memorial website.

At 9.30 am we invite you to join the UniSA community online and hear Soldier-On Ambassadors: Sarah Watson, Jeremy Satchell, Rodney Davis and James Willis, talk about the importance of Anzac Day to them and their personal experiences.

Join us at @UniSA on Facebook or @UniversitySA on Instagram.
This week's online events
Life interrupted
MOD. Online and Interactive Exhibition
view exhibits
Job search: tips and strategies to finding work
Career Services Online Workshop
Wednesday 22 April, 10.00 am–11.30 am
book in careerhub
Interview skills workshop (including video interview)
Career Services Online Workshop
Thursday 23 April, 1.10 pm–2.30 pm
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Art Online voting
USASA Online Competition
Vote by midnight Saturday 24 April
Vote Now
Get help with your resume and cover letter
Career Services Online Workshop
Tuesday 28 April, 11.30 am–1.00 pm
book in careerhub
Interviewing tips (including video interview)
Career Services Online Workshop
Tuesday 28 April, 2.00 pm–3.30 pm
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