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Career Peers Zoom sessions
About Harvard UniSA Referencing
Healthy eating tips while in iso
Develop your emotional intelligence with LinkedIn Learning
This week's online events
From the student services
Career Peers Zoom sessions
Career Peers have moved online!
Since Monday 27 April, the Career Peers have been offering Zoom sessions between 11.00 am-3.00 pm, Monday to Friday during teaching weeks. Talk to a Career Peer about how to access the resources you need to find a job, prepare your job applications and much more.
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Harvard UniSA Referencing
Referencing is a way of showing which ideas you’ve used are from other sources, and where they’ve come from. The Harvard UniSA Referencing style is most commonly used at UniSA and there are two parts to this style:

In-text reference: using someone else’s idea in your assignment, either by paraphrasing (rewording an idea) or by quoting. Include the author’s family name, the year of publication and the page number.

Reference list: listing all the texts you’ve referred to in your assignment in an alphabetical order using the author’s family name. The format will depend on the type of resource you’re using.

Referencing can take some time to understand, but it’s important to help avoid plagiarism. Some courses also use different styles of referencing, so it’s best that you familiarise yourself with the referencing style that’s required within your course.
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for your wellbeing
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Healthy eating tips while in iso
So… it’s been a few weeks since classes have gone online and most of the country has been in self-isolation. While it might be tempting to pay a visit to your fridge and pantry every ten minutes, it’s important to remember to eat healthy. A well-balanced diet can make all the difference when it comes to your energy levels and motivation (and we could all do with a bit more of both!).

Here are five healthy eating tips from the Heart Foundation to keep in mind:
• Prepare ahead, but don’t hoard
• Mix it up with fresh and frozen goods
• Choose foods high in protein
• Set routine mealtimes and resist the urge to snack too much
• Brush up on your cooking skills…

And, to help you learn more cooking skills while in iso, here’s a budget-friendly, easy and healthy power pancakes recipe for you to try. Now go forth and get cooking!
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LinkedIn Learning: developing your emotional intelligence
Research shows that emotional intelligence is the key factor that sets high-performing individuals and high achievers aside from the rest of the crowd. This course will help you learn what emotional intelligence is, and how you can develop it to reach your goals and build better relationships with the people around you.

To access the course, simply sign in, enter your UniSA email address, then follow the prompts to sign in with your UniSA username and password. This course is also an eligible component of UniSA’s ASPIRE Program.
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This week's online events
UniTopia Online
Wellbeing Online Event
Monday–Friday from 4–15 May, 11.00 am and 2.00 pm daily
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Help! I’ve lost my job
Career Services Online Workshop
Friday 8 May, 10.00 am–11.30 am
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How to write a winning resume and cover letter
Career Services Online Workshop
Friday 8 May, 11.00 am–12.30 pm
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UniSA+ Award drop-in session
UniSA+ Online Session
Friday 8 May, 1.00 pm–2.00 pm
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Spiced Online
Online Cooking Class
Friday 8 May, 6.00 pm–9.00 pm
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Need work? Tools and techniques to get you there
Career Services Online Workshop
Monday 11 May, 1.10 pm–2.30 pm
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LinkedIn: get started and impact your career
Career Services Online Workshop
Tuesday 12 May, 2.10 pm–3.00 pm
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