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Student check-in calls
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How to keep on top of isolation study and online learning
Mindfulness practices and resources
Listen to inspiring speakers in the Hawke Centre's Mind Salon
New Esports, running and cycling compeitions for SA Challenge 2020
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Student check-in calls
UniSA staff and student volunteers are currently telephoning UniSA students, wherever they are in the world, to check that they are doing well and have the support they need. If you do receive a call from UniSA, it’s just to check on how you are, and to let you know about UniSA information and resources.

At the start of the call we will ask some questions to check that we have called the right person. If you are unsure about a call that you receive from UniSA, you can contact Campus Central.
Verse Magazine
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Are you stuck at home and would like to get a copy of USASA’s Verse Magazine? Until we are back on campus, USASA will send each new edition of Verse right to your door, free of charge!
All you need to do is fill out the online form, and Verse will be on its way to you in no time.
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for your study
Anatomy Images – An@tomedia 2020
Tips from a student: how to keep on top of isolation study and online learning
Studying from home is a very different routine to what many of us are used to. We can often feel unmotivated to study when we don’t have classes to attend or feel a bit down about being in self-isolation.

To help get over this slump, I create a schedule stating when I will have my assignments done by, and stick to that, all while allowing myself to socialise and break up my study.

When I am unmotivated to study, I use many different online resources to help change out of my regular repetitive study routine.

One of the resources I have used is the An@tomedia (anatomy study) program. This resource and many others like it, is great for home learning because you still get to see with your own eyes the different features you would in class, just from a virtual perspective.

You can test your knowledge with quizzes, which can be helpful for preparing for upcoming assignments, tests and exams.

Studying in a different and creative way can help you motivate and develop good study habits in isolation; allowing study to be fun and enjoyable.

Try not to get down about being in isolation and find the positives, that attitude will then be reflected in your study and how well you approach it.

Caitlyn Stone – Student Ambassador
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Anatomy Images – An@tomedia 2020, An@tomedia, image,, viewed 7 May 2020, <>.
for your wellbeing
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Mindfulness practices and resources
As we continue to adapt to our current way of living, it is important for us to stay calm and productive. Despite the challenges, it is also the ideal time to develop personal habits that can gently help you stay focused on your studies and achieve your future goals.

Mindfulness is an effective technique to assist in reducing your stress level and increasing your concentration. A daily practice of mindfulness will help you stay calm, connected and concentrate on what matters.

UniSA’s Counselling team has compiled a range of mindfulness resources and practices for you to try, including mindful living, mindful breathing, mindful walking, sensing your environment and loving-kindness. You can also access mindfulness apps which you can easily download on your phone.
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Hawke Centre’s Mind Salon
Would you like to hear some of the world’s most inspiring speakers discuss the ideas that are shaping our future? Or explore the latest discoveries in science and technology, read about current affairs, and access the arts and contemporary culture online?

The Hawke Centre’s Mind Salon is offering you a variety of online content and environments where you can delve into ideas and solutions that are shaping our world. Some of the current content includes conversations with astronauts, how art prepares you to approach the unfamiliar, and discussion on the hidden world of tree communication.
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event highlight
2020 SA Challenge Intervarsity Tournament
New sports announced for SA Challenge 2020
UniSA, the University of Adelaide, Flinders University and Torrens University are working together to launch a FREE online SA Challenge intervarsity tournament in SP2.

We encourage all currently enrolled students to represent #TeamUniSA in either the Esports tournament or Strava App (various running and cycling distances) competitions.

Registrations close Friday 15 May, so make sure you register ASAP!
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Maximise your career in challenging times
Career Services Online Workshop
Wednesday 13 May, 10.00 am–11.30 am
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UniTopia Online
Wellbeing Online Event
Wednesday 13 May–Friday 15 May, 11.00 am and 2.00 pm daily
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Finding the best part-time jobs in Adelaide during COVID-19
Career Services Online Workshop
Saturday 16 May, 2.00 pm–3.00 pm
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How to succeed at interviews
Career Services Online Workshop
Monday 18 May, 10.30 am–11.30 am
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Navigating online recruitment in uncertain times
Career Services Online Workshop
Monday 18 May, 11.00 am–12.30 pm
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