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Counselling appointments for exam time
Preparing for your online exams
MOD. On Place
Want to be your own boss?
This week’s online events
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Counselling appointments for exam time
Exams are fast approaching and it is not uncommon to feel worried or anxious about exams.

If you feel you might need help with managing during exam time, you can book in a time to speak to a UniSA counsellor. Appointments might not be available immediately, so it’s best to book ahead of time to ensure you can get a spot for when you need it.
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for your study
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Preparing for your online exams
Early planning and preparation is important to ensure you are ready on your exam day. With exams going online this semester, we’ve put together a checklist with some useful tips to get you prepared. Here are our top five tips for online exams:

1. Check the exam date, time and duration. All exam times are scheduled in Adelaide time, so be sure to check the converted time if you’re in a different time zone.
2. Find a suitable location to do your exam. Make sure it’s quiet, well-lit and ventilated.
3. Test the internet speed on the computer you’ll be using for your exam, as well as in the location where you will do your exam.
4. Save your Course Coordinator’s email address and the UniSA IT Help Desk number, in case you have any technical difficulties.
5. Prepare early if you’d like to download library materials as part of your revision, as some e-textbooks have user limits.
Download checklist  (.docx 74KB)
for your wellbeing
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MOD. On Place
With people being encouraged to stay at home, public areas which are generally bustling have become quieter. MOD.’s online exhibition “On Place” invites you to appreciate and notice sounds you haven’t before. By doing this, we can feel present and continue to stay connected to where we live, beyond our bedrooms or living rooms.

Listen to the sounds of South Australian artists Sasha Grbich and Tristan Louth-Robin, as they try to transport you to a specific moment in place and time. Sasha’s sounds emulate the River Torrens and the River Redgum trees, while Tristan’s sounds focus on human-influenced sounds of the acoustic urban environment which have been dramatically quietened due to a reduction in road and air traffic.
Listen here
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Want to be your own boss?
Enrol in Startup Studio today and develop your understanding of the process required to set up an innovative business concept. Startup Studio is a 4.5-unit intensive Winter School elective starting in July, available university-wide for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

To get you started, here are some top tips from Richard Turner at UniSA’s Innovation & Collaboration Centre on how to engage a variety of stakeholders for your startup success:

• Produce company presentations for multiple audiences – angle and content are different for each, but the core story remains the same.
• Deliver presentations that are coherent and in plain English.
• Get skilled in public speaking – this projects confidence.
• Explore if investor intentions align with yours.
• Supplier relationships are important – it builds a competitive market-leading position in your industry.
• Customers are a critical group – they need to connect with your product story and evolution.
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This week's online events
How to succeed at interviews
Career Services Online Workshop
Wednesday 3 June, 11.00 am–12.00 pm
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Navigating online recruitment in uncertain times
Career Services Online Workshop
Thursday 4 June, 10.00 am–11.30 am
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How to write a winning resume and cover letter
Career Services Online Workshop
Thursday 4 June, 10.30 am–12.00 pm
Book in CareerHub
Maximise your career in challenging times
Career Services Online Workshop
Friday 5 June, 11.30 am–1.00 pm
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UniSA+ Award drop-in session
UniSA+ Online Session
Friday 5 June, 1.00 pm–2.00 pm
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LinkedIn: get started and impact your career
Career Services Online Workshop
Tuesday 9 June, 10.00 am–11.00 am
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