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Get Wanderlost: Episode 5
The Library is open during mid-semester break
Read the University's new Academic Enterprise Plan (2021-2025)
Study hacks for your study break
Five simple ways you can help protect our planet
An introduction to Aboriginal cultural awareness
SA sisters' path towards a sustainable future
Other upcoming events
Get Wanderlost graphic
Get Wanderlost: Episode 5
Ready for an adventure that’s as mysterious as it is exciting? For only $15 per person, enjoy an evening of dinner and fun activities during your study break.

Here's your clue for this event:
Above snacking pigs, busy shoppers and pigeon nests, is a puzzle that will put your skills to the test. Going alone will keep you in chains, working together is everyone’s gain, granting you the finest cinnamon coated riches in all of Spain.

Every Get Wanderlost event is a new adventure, so book in fast as tickets are limited!

Please note that due to limited capacity, you are only able to book up to two Get Wanderlost events each year.
Wednesday 21 April 2021
5.00pm - 9.30pm
Meet at City West campus
The Library is Open graphic
The Library is open during mid-semester break
Need a quiet place to focus on an assignment or get ahead with study? The Library offers the following facilities:

• Group study areas
• Quiet and silent spaces
• Bookable study rooms
• Computer pools and BYO device desks where you can plug in your laptop
• Adaptive technology suites with specialist technology for students with disabilities
• Multi-access suites for students with access plans
• Comfortable lounges to nestle in with your readings

You can also engage with the Library virtually through the 'Ask the Library' search function on the webpage.
Academic Enterprise Plan magazine
Read the University's new Academic Enterprise Plan (2021-2025)
The University has launched its inaugural integrated strategic plan for our teaching and research ambitions for the next five years. The Academic Enterprise Plan (2021-2025) brings together the best of our education and research to shape business and community prosperity in South Australia and beyond.

Here are a few planned actions to enhance your overall student experience and engagement:
• Minimise the number of textbooks you are required to purchase
• Design and operate teaching facilities to align better with future workplace environments
• Move towards more authentic forms of assessment that facilitate attainment of graduate qualities and job-ready skills
Read the full plan
Students studying together on campus
Study hacks for your study break
We know that study breaks can go so quickly. Although it's a great time for you to recharge, it's also a useful time to catch up with your studies. So here are five tips to help you keep on top of things!
Try not to overbook yourself
Jot down any plans or work commitments you have into your calendar immediately so you can allocate study time accordingly. It will also help you map out your week to see when you might need to say no to extra plans.
Study in chunks and take small breaks
Allocate an average of 4-6 hours per day for a study session and take adequate breaks to give yourself time to eat and recharge. A tip for planning breaks is to set an alarm every now and then as a reminder, even if you just get up for a stretch or have a snack to eat.
Prioritise studying in the morning
To avoid procrastination, study first thing in the morning to build daily habits. This can help you build discipline and it can be quite rewarding to have the time and energy to cook dinner, prepare your lunch for the following day or simply put on an episode of your favourite show to wind down.
Review your own notes and take old quizzes
Now that you have some time, review your lecture notes by reading them out loud and highlighting significant points. Once you're confident they all make sense, try your hand at putting them into practice by taking some old quizzes or talking through them with a peer.
Study with your peers
Sometimes we just need some company to keep us motivated. You can organise study sessions with your peers in an appropriate study location or online. Make sure to pick study companions who aren't distracting, and tell them your study goals for the session to keep yourself accountable.
Image of students with potted plants
Five simple ways you can help protect our planet
Climate change can be easily overlooked, but it can insidiously take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. Just this time last year, Australia experienced bushfires which ravaged our country. If we individually become more environmentally conscious citizens, we can proactively fight for the beautiful planet we call home.

Here are a few things you can do to help contribute to a more sustainable planet.
Icon of water tap
Conserve water where possible
After cooking a meal, wash dishes by hand in a basin full of water. Limit your showers with a shower timer and turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
Icon of star
Purchase appliances with high star-rating
When purchasing home appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine, pick a higher star-rating as it’s more energy efficient and will save you crazy high bill prices!
Icon of reusable coffee cup
Purchase reusable items
If you are a coffee lover, consider grabbing a reusable cup. Avoid single-use plastics and stock up on reusable containers to pack your meals in and keep a reusable bag with you wherever you go.
Icon of powerpoint
Switch off power points
It’s easy to forget to flick the switch off when you’ve been charging your phone overnight or boiling the kettle for coffee in the morning. Try and make a habit to switch off power points immediately after use.
Recycling icon
Advocate for sustainability
Try and support companies and products that work to reduce waste and produce sustainable goods. Support local suppliers as much as possible!
Image of Detmold staff members
SA sisters' path towards a sustainable future
Since its establishment in 1948, the Detmold Group has become a global innovator in sustainable paper and board packaging, all while staying uniquely South Australian and family owned. There’s a chance Detmold Group’s innovative packaging has kept your hands cool from a piping hot coffee, delivered food to your home, or packaged a gift for a loved one.

Sisters Zoe Detmold and Sacha Detmold-Cox are management graduates and third generation UniSA alumni continuing the family business. Their education remains significant and their connection with the University has led to partnership in the form of projects, particularly testing millions of respirator and surgical masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.
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LinkedIn: Get started and impact your career
Friday 16 April, 10.00am – 11.00am
Learn the basics of LinkedIn and how you can use the platform to achieve your employment goal. Discover some key elements to maximise the use of your profile and be noticed!
Understanding assignments
Thursday 15 April, 12.00pm – 1.00pm
Not sure what you have to do for your assignment? Need some help with understanding different assignment types? Find out more about how to approach your assignment at this online workshop.
Knowing your tax rights and meeting your tax obligations
Wednesday 21 April, 5.30pm – 6.15pm
This workshop is for individuals or small business owners, and will cover a variety of taxpayer rights and obligations including dealing with the ATO, lodging late returns, amending a lodged return, responding to tax office letters and requests for information, objecting to an ATO decision, and dealing with tax debts.
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