The Student Engagement Framework

Student Experience Vision

University can have an extraordinary impact on our lives.  Students and graduates enjoy experiences, gain perspectives and build relationships that stay with them for life and offer opportunities to build a great career.  Our vision is to enhance students’ life and prepare them for success from the very start of their university journey through to their graduation.



The Student Engagement Framework

The University undertook a major project in 2016 to better understand what is important to students, outcomes they wish to seek, and to capture ideas for enhancing the student experience at UniSA.  We engaged with almost 200 students, alumni, staff and industry across 17 focus groups to develop a Student Engagement Framework that enables us to achieve our vision of providing an exceptional and distinctive experience at UniSA.


As part of the project consultation, we sought to understand what ideas students, staff and industry partners have for enhancing student engagement so that we may empower them to make the most out of their time at UniSA.  Based on the output from the project, a university-wide framework has been developed to help us achieve our vision of ‘Engaged Students, Enterprising Graduates’.  The framework lays out the guiding principles for delivering what students value most, with a focus on University Life, Student Transition, Career Development, and Teaching and Learning.


UniSA's Student Engagement Framework

What we are doing

The University offers a wide range of services to students and we continue to build upon our strengths and work closely with our students and staff to develop an understanding of what’s working well and identifying areas that need further enhancement. This is accomplished through a number of platforms that have been put in place to facilitate partnerships between students and staff.  We have listed some of the initiatives below. 

The Student Engagement Advisory Group (SEAG) was established in 2017. Led by the Pro Vice Chancellor Student Engagement and Equity, the SEAG is responsible for: 

  • enabling a collaborative approach to strategic projects and activities for providing enhanced educational offerings and an outstanding student experience
  • facilitating collaboration in relation to delivering programs and activities that promote student engagement
  • planning the allocation of funds for student experience projects
  • reporting on outcomes of interventions and strategies for enhancing student satisfaction and the overall student experience
  • providing avenues for all students to give feedback and make recommendations to the SEAG

We have allocated a pool of funds to support the implementation of strategic projects and initiatives that demonstrate a strong ‘student voice’ and are developed in consultation with students and staff. Students and staff from across the University can apply for the funds through a competitive process.  To date, we have supported a wide range of projects across the university in areas such as student mentoring, orientation and transition, student wellbeing, industry connection and integration. 

The University works in collaboration with students across a wide range of programs and initiatives.  Some examples include: 

  • student mentoring, PASS, Academic Student Representation (ASR) program, and participation in orientation activities. 
  • student representation on UniSA steering groups, working groups, campus advisory groups and some involvement in staff recruitment.
  • implementation of a university-wide peer mentoring program (UniMentors), bringing together new and existing mentoring programs to help new students to navigage university life by providing key information, guidance and advice.
  • a Student Project Team established in the Student Engagement and Equity Portfolio to work across student engagement projects.
  • student/staff collaboration on a range of student-led projects, USASA representation on hiring panels, volunteering and employment opportunities, and university support for students to attend conferences and round table discussions.
  • USASA student representation on all formal enquiry and academic review committees.
  • USASA have established an Education Committee to create connections between the Association and ASR program in the Divisions.


Students have been involved in a range of events and activities across the University, providing them with opportunities for developing desired attributes such as citizenship, health and wellbeing, industry connection and integration, and customer-facing skills. Some examples include:

  • the development and delivery of a holistic and integrated Orientation Program, in collaboration with USASA
  • collaboration and partnership with industry, providing opportunities for students to develop skills and gain experience that enables success – including, but not limited to, professional advisory panels, employing industry professionals as tutors, industry events and competitions
  • opportunities within the Divisions for students to enhance their employability including: developing content for lectures, presenting at lectures, embedding career services modules (CDL) in curriculum and facilitating industry collaboration and consultation
  • students provided with professional development opportunities, including Internships, participation in UNITE Leadership Program, PASS conference attendance, Study Tours, and USASA Leadership Grants