Golden Key Tutoring

About the Golden Key Tutoring Scheme

The Golden Key Tutoring Scheme has been established to provide tutoring services, mainly in core health courses, to current UniSA students. 

The aim of the scheme is to provide students with one on one tutoring in order to aid their understanding of the course material. 

This service is paid for by the student and is designed to be affordable. Tutors adhere to the UniSA policies and procedures, in particular the Academic Integrity policy, and will not provide answers to specific assessment questions.

How to find a Golden Key Tutor

Step 1

Click on the course you need help with to find tutors.

Step 2

Click on the tutors name to obtain their email address.

Step 3

Write to your tutor and request their service, they will get back to you as soon as possible to organise the first tutoring session.

Step 4

Ensure you complete the online disclaimer form before your first session. If you can't find a tutor in the course you need, please email us for assistance.

Info about the Tutors

The Division of Health Sciences Golden Key tutors are current or alumni UniSA students who are also select members of the Golden Key International Honour Society

Members consist of undergraduate students who have completed at least 36 units or one year of study at UniSA and whose grade point average (GPA) is among the top 15%. 

Members are recruited by the Division of Health Sciences and receive additional training to become tutors.

If you wish to become a 'Golden Key Tutor', click here for more information.

Resources for Golden Key Tutors

Academic resources

If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Advisors.