Research Education: Portfolio Leaders (or equivalent) at UniSA

A Research Education: Portfolio Leader (or equivalent) is assigned to every school or research area in UniSA.


This UniSA academic staff member is responsible for monitoring and reviewing your progress and supervision throughout your candidature.


  • Associate Head of School: Research (AHoS:R)
  • Research Degree Coordinator (RDC)
  • Research Education Portfolio Leader (REPL)




Dr John Wilson (REPL)


Prof Roman Tomasic (REPL)


Dr Ruchi Sinha (REPL)


Prof Byron Sharp (REPL)
Offshore students A/Prof Bruce Gurd (REPL)



Education, Arts and Social Sciences
Art, Architecture and Design
Dr Alpana Sivam (RDC - main contact)
Communication, International Studies and Languages

DR David Radford (Acting RDC)

Dr Katrina Jaworski (RDC)

School of Education
A/Prof Sue Nichols (AHoS:R)
Dr Kathy Paige (RDC - main)
Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Prof Matthias Schlesewsky (RDC - Main Contact)





Health Sciences
Health Sciences
A/Prof Marie Williams (AHoS:R)

Nursing and Midwifery

A/Prof David Evans (AHoS:R)
Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
Prof Sandra Orgeig  (AHoS:R/RDC)




Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment
Prof David Lancaster (REPL)
A/Prof Jun Ma (REPL)
A/Prof Drew Evans (REPL - FII)
Dr Rick Fabretto (REPL - FII)
Information Technology & Mathematical Sciences
Dr Diane Velasquez (REPL - information technology)
A/Prof Regina Burachik (REPL - mathematical sciences)
Natural and Built Environments
Dr Nicholas Chileshe (REPL - City East)
Dr Guna Hewa (REPL - Mawson Lakes)
Dr Xing Ma (REPL - Mawson Lakes)
A/Prof Albert Juhasz (REPL - FII Mawson Lakes)