Policies, regulations and codes of good practice

Research degree students and staff must understand and abide by the policies, codes, academic guidelines, procedures and regulations of the University, especially those relevant to research and research training.

Being familiar with the requirements governing research degrees will help you know what to expect from UniSA and what UniSA expects of you. You must also be familiar with national guidelines for responsible practice in research and UniSA policies and procedures for meeting these guidelines

The Candidature information you received upon enrolment provides a summary of what you need to know during your candidature.

Research Degrees Policy and Procedures

Your most important reference point during your candidature are the Research Degrees Policy and Procedures for your degree.

The AB-58 Research Degrees Policy and Procedures include:


Refer particularly to the following University policies:

Codes and procedures

The Code of good practice: research degrees management and supervision outlines the University's expectations of research degree supervisors, research degree students, Research Degree Coordinators and others involved in research education. Make sure you are familiar with your responsibilities as a research degree student