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Spotlight on ATN Frontiers

What is ATN Frontiers?

ATN Frontiers is an innovative professional development program for Australia’s next generation of PhD and research masters students. Focusing on the future of research and work, the program develops HDR students’ knowledge, skills, and ability to shape the future of innovation and productivity in industry.


The program supports students to become the work creators of the future, fostering their ambitions and providing them the skills to take their research further into their careers and industry. ATN Frontiers is free of charge to PhD and research masters students from ATN member universities


The program consists of three levels of modules for candidates to complete:

  • Level 1: Foundations of the Future (Available now)
  • Level 2: My Future Master Classes (Coming soon)
  • Level 3: TBC (Coming soon)


For more information, please visit the ATN Frontiers website


What is Level 1?

Level 1 of ATN Frontiers consists of core learning modules studied online within a 4-week learning period. Level 1 modules are interdisciplinary and contain 6-8 hours of online material, along with 2 hours of live online facilitated workshops with content experts.


Students who successfully complete a level 1 module will receive a digital certificate, digital credential (which can be added to LinkedIn) and will be invited to join the ATN Frontiers Alumni Community.


How to enrol:

Registrations are now open for Quarter 2 deliveries of ATN Frontiers Level 1 modules. Registrations close 30 April 23:59pm (AEST). If you would like to register your interest, please complete the Registration of Interest Form.


Once submitted, the ATN Frontiers Program Team will contact you directly to complete your enrolment for the selected modules.


The current Level 1 modules and their Quarter 2 delivery dates are listed below.



Delivery Period

Workshop Date(s) (AEST)

The Future of Leadership

Disruption, Globalisation and Thinking like a Futurist

10 April – 5 May

Friday 28 April (12:30 – 14:30)

The Future of Collaboration

Effective Teamwork for a Hybrid Workplace

1 May – 26 May

Friday 5 May; Friday 26 May (both 12:00 – 13:00)

The Future of Work and Innovation

Thinking, Testing, Solving like an Entrepreneur

8 May – 2 June

Wednesday 31 May (13:00 – 15:00)

The Future of Communication

Creative Strategies for Research Impact

8 May – 30 June (8-week delivery period)

Tuesday 16 May; Tuesday 30 May; Tuesday 13 June; Tuesday 27 June (all 12:00 – 13:00)

The Future Professional

Crossing the Bridge: Industry, Academia and You

5 June – 30 June

Tuesday 27 June (12:30 – 14:30)

The Future of Data

Data Analytics: Concepts, Principles and Practices

5 June – 30 June

Thursday 15 June; Thursday 29 June (both 12:00 – 13:00)


Please contact for any questions or inquiries.

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