Application Tips

A scholarship might just provide the helping hand you need to make university life a little easier. Not only do scholarships provide financial assistance but they often include valuable work experience, mentoring opportunities and even overseas travel.  To help get you started with the application process, we’ve compiled some useful pointers to guide you in the right direction!

  • First things first!  If you are interested in a UniSA scholarship or grant, it’s important that you review the selection criteria in relation to your own circumstances before applying.   Make sure you are eligible and that you are able to address the criteria.  The selection criteria is listed under each scheme on the UniSA scholarships website. 

  • Ensure you understand what documentation you are required to provide!  When applying for a UniSA scholarship or grant, you may need to provide documents that support your application and verify your claims.   For further information on the specific documents that you may be asked to include with your application, please view our Supporting Documentation Guide( 3 MB).

  • In addition to the Supporting Documentation Guide, you may also find the FAQ section of the website helpful, as this is where you can find information on How to Apply and useful tips on navigating myScholarships on the student portal.

  • Keep LOOKING!  We have specific scholarships available for the different stages of your study!  You can also continue to check the following spots for the latest info:

    • UniSA student email: we regularly send targeted emails to students about scholarships that they may be eligible for.  This is where you will also be notified of any changes to your application status – including the outcome!
    • UniSA Scholarships website:  there are new scholarships being offered ALL THE TIME!  There is such a wide range of scholarships available – including scholarships from our external partners
    • myScholarships:  when a scholarship is open for applications via the student portal – this is where you’ll find it.   But remember – not ALL scholarships are to be applied for via the student portal.  It is important to review all the information provided under each scheme so that you don’t miss out!
  • Remember to APPLY APPLY APPLY!!!!  You can apply for as many scholarships as you like, so make the most of the opportunities. Remember, if you don’t give it a go, you’ll never know!