Join the UniSA Counselling team for our Thrive@UniSA workshop series. Learn practical and proactive strategies to manage mental wellbeing and balance the pressures of study with personal growth goals.

Upcoming Workshops

Bouncing back Recover from academic disappointments

Thursday 27 April, 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM, Online

Sometimes the semester doesn’t start out the way you hoped. For example, maybe you failed an assessment early in the study period and you have lost some confidence and motivation? In this workshop you will learn strategies to help you identify what went wrong, build resilience and get back on track for a successful semester.



Managing exam anxiety

Tuesday 16 May, 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM, Online

It's normal to feel tense and worried in the face of exams. This one-hour workshop will help you understand what causes exam anxiety, and provide practical strategies to help manage.



Additional Resources

Join our mindfulness community and learn how to manage the stresses of daily life. When we are faced with uncomfortable changes and challenges, practicing mindfulness gives us control over how we adapt and respond.