Becoming a UniSA Ally

The UniSA Ally Network is a voluntary network of staff and students who are a visible presence in support of our rainbow community. 

What does a UniSA Ally do?

Allies can be people who are of diverse genders, sexes or sexualities, and those who are not. All Allies must be committed to upholding and supporting the rights of people who identify as gender or sexually diverse, and are expected to undertake awareness training as part of their commitment. The importance of safe and non-judgemental contacts across all levels of the University is vital to supporting our gender and sexually diverse colleagues and students to thrive.

Once training has been completed, a list of Allies and their contact details will be maintained by the Ally Network Working Group and published on this website for easy reference.

An Ally IS

  • Someone who may or may not identify as sexually or gender diverse.
  • Someone who can provide a culturally safe contact point for staff and students.
  • Someone willing to listen without judgement or assumption.
  • Someone willing to model inclusive language and behaviours whilst encouraging others to do the same.
  • Committed to understanding and challenging their own biases and assumptions about sexuality and gender.
  • Committed to ongoing learning in relation to the unique history and culture surrounding gender and sexual diversity, implicit privilege, and marginalisation.
  • Committed to celebrating diversity and creating a culture of respect, safety and inclusion.

An Ally is NOT

  • An expert in sexuality or gender.
  • Expected to counsel or provide professional advice to others.

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