Staff Volunteers

While starting uni is an incredibly exciting time, doing so in a brand new and unfamiliar country can be daunting!

The Connect Adelaide Experience connects new international student/s with a UniSA Staff member (volunteer) to introduce Adelaide and life in Australia positively. This is a great opportunity for you to warmly welcome a new UniSA international student on the start of their journey.

The Experience offers great flexibility, you can choose to connect with multiple students for an activity or you could even team up with UniSA colleagues to connect with a group of new students together at a convenient time.

The Experience is informal in structure, your commitment to your ‘connected’ student or students is entirely flexible and can be as many or as few times as you like.

Student feedback from previous Connect Adelaide Experience programs has shown that new international students have benefited greatly from connecting with a UniSA Staff volunteer soon after arrival; it has enhanced their student experience, made them feel welcomed and supported.
You might invite your student/s to:

  • Meet over coffee or a meal
  • Have a BBQ in one of Adelaide’s many parks
  • Watch or participate in a local sports activity
  • Visit an Adelaide attraction together
  • Go to the beach
  • Meet your family

Staff Volunteer Requirements:

  • To arrange to meet with the student/s at least once during the first few weeks of Study Period 2 either on or off campus.
  • To cover all costs associated with the activity. The choice of the activity is up to you.
  • To take a friendly and open minded approach in welcoming an international student to Adelaide!

For detailed requirements, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Registrations are now closed. Thank you to each staff member who has been matched with a student for SP2 2019.


Have any questions?

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions.

Participating will offer you an exceptional opportunity to discover something about an international student's culture, life and country while making them feel welcomed and supported within the formative first few weeks of their arrival in Adelaide and UniSA.

You are unable to select the student yourself however, you can indicate preferences and interests in the online registration form which will be taken into consideration as much as possible when being matched with a student.

Yes, there is the option in the online registration form if you want to volunteer to connect with more than one student. Usually we have a greater number of students than staff, so volunteering to connect with a group of students is desirable.

No, you will not require a Police Check or DHS Screening to participate, as the program does not involve students under the age of 18.

The expectation is that the volunteer will cover all expenses incurred as part of participating in the Connect Adelaide Experience. Students are expected to cover their own travel costs to the activity themselves, unless you are prepared to transport them yourself at your own cost to and from the activity (eg: taking them in your private vehicle or catching public transport together).

The International Support team will send you an email with the student’s information and email address. As this is a welcome initiative we ask that the staff volunteer takes the lead to initially contact the student to welcome and introduce yourself. You can then discuss and plan what you might like to do together.

This is a welcome initiative and your obligation is to undertake this meal/activity just once, as early as possible after the student’s commencement to study. However, if agreed by you and the student, you can continue to stay in touch.

We ask that you take reasonable care to ensure the safety of all parties participating in the program. We encourage you to avoid high risk activities, or to assess the risk with your student(s).

*Please note: Recreational practice is different across cultures. For example, the ability to swim or ride a bike is not a universal skill. Please discuss this with your student(s) and take necessary cultural considerations and safety precautions into account.

For more information, please contact the Student Advisers at or call Louise Evershed, Student Adviser (International) 8302 0630.