Industry Mentoring Network in STEM

The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) is an award-winning industry-led initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. IMNIS connects motivated PhD candidates (mentees) in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with outstanding high level industry leaders (mentors) in a one year industry mentoring program. IMNIS has been designed for mentees to increase industry knowledge, learn professional skills and expand their network.

Why become a mentee

IMNIS provides mentees real-world experience, pragmatic advice and a broad professional network that enhances candidates’ capacity to engage with industry and understand commercialisation and regulatory processes related to innovating their research. IMNIS also extends candidates’ professional networks in different parts of the STEM sector across South Australia, and can help them explore career opportunities beyond academia.

Why become a mentor

Mentors share their knowledge and experiences, answer questions, and offer guidance and advice. They value mentoring relationships and want to ‘give back’ to the STEM community. Mentors generously volunteer their time to help others develop and realise their potential, and often learn from mentees as well. The program provides a connection between research and industry.

How to apply

The UniSA IMNIS program runs from August each year (subject to annual renewal) and recruitment takes place in June and July. Interested candidates should seek the support of their supervisors and can email the Graduate Research Development team at

Contact details and further information


The IMNIS website has more details about the program including resources and IMNIS Alumni profiles