Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

AIME works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students, ranging from age 12 to 18, to help unlock their potential and passion. They do this by providing:

  • Free academic tutoring, with between 20-30 sessions a year
  • 18 one-hour AIME ‘Theatre of Education’ sessions at university campuses
  • One-on-one career transition support for Year 12 students

All of our workshops happen on both the university and high school campuses, with groups of university students and high school kids together, and a lead AIME mentor helping to facilitate the delivery of the content. Students in AIME achieve higher average rates of high school progression than non-indigenous kids.



The Program Model

AIME consists of two models, Program Days and Tutor Squads. Program Days occur at UniSA campuses and seek to broaden the students’ understanding of themselves, their identity, and potential. Tutor Squads occur in one of our partnered high schools and are more highly focussed on providing support with their academics.

How to Apply

The AIME program starts in May and applications are open at the start of every year.

Register your interest here.

For all other enquiries about AIME at UniSA, email Jason Burton (Centre Manager) at or 0419 753 312.


AIME at a Glance

From 2005 to 2018 AIME has gone from:

  • 25 kids to 10,000
  • One country to three countries (on the way to four)
  • 965 uni student mentors to 3000 uni student mentors

Headlines on the Founder and CEO

  • Jack Manning Bancroft founded AIME as a 19-year-old uni student in the third year of his degree.
  • He's a ‘Young Australian of the Year’ awardee, and the youngest Australian to receive an Honourary Doctorate
  • He wrote a book called ‘The Mentor’ of which the proceeds raised fund our work globally

What are the plans for the next 3 years?

  • Reaching 20,000 Indigenous kids in Australia
  • 20,000 kids in the US by 2020
  • and 100,000 kids worldwide by 2021

Our Team

Georgi has been a mentor with AIME in Adelaide for the past few years and in that time, she has signed up for as many tutor squads and program days as she could, as well as completing one of her accredited courses with AIME. Seeing the passion and relentless hustle of everyone who has worked in SA has inspired her to want to do the same.

She really believes in this program and every year she's tried to give more of her time and get more involved. She feels AIME is a space in which she can empower students to grow and reach their full potential, inspire a new cohort of mentors to see the value of giving their time, to learn and grow as a person, and be a part of making the world a fairer place.

Georgi is one of the Program Managers at UniSA and if you would like to get in contact with her, her email address is

Bryce is a proud Ngarrindjeri, Kokatha, Mirning man. He has recently completed his Year 12 studies at the end of 2019 when his Aunty directed him to the job application at AIME. His family encouraged him to continue through the application process and he got the job. 

As a student who’s been through the program here in Adelaide, he is excited to meet everyone and start the ball rolling for 2020 to implement the program across Adelaide.

Bryce is one of the Program Managers at UniSA and if you would like to get in contact with him, his email address is

More Info

Find out more about AIME, including the annual reports and the clothing range, via