'Are you UniSA Ready?'

Are you new to UniSA, fresh out of high school or returning to study after a long break? This season is for you! Listen to current UniSA students talk about their first few weeks at uni – what it was like, how it compared to their own expectations and things they did to find their study groove.

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EPISODE 1: First Impressions

If you’re soon to start uni, you probably have a few questions in your mind. What’s the campus like? Should I go to Orientation? What should I wear to uni?

Listen to current UniSA students respond to these questions and more, and talk about their first impressions when stepping onto campus for the first time.

For more info & tips covered in this episode, follow the links below:

> Orientation
> Exploring campus (UniSA Login required)
> Making connections (UniSA Login required)
> International student information
> Student support services

EPISODE 2: Rules of Engagement

Join Casey, Nicole and our special guests as they sketch out some rules of engagement. From engaging with people, to engaging with study, so you can have a great time at uni.

Important note: These are not actual rules! They are simply some insider opinions of current UniSA students. Follow some, follow none, or follow all! Your journey is your own!

For more info & tips covered in this episode, follow the links below:

> Checking your student email
> Find a free computer
> Book a study room online
> Volunteer
> Join the UniSA Student Association
> Join a club or society
> Apply for a grant

EPISODE 3: PROcrastination

Distractions can be our worst enemy when it comes to study. Join hosts Casey, Nicole and special guests as they discuss the fine art of PRO-crastinating and share tips on combating this evil force when studying.

For more info & tips covered in this episode, follow the links below:

> Procrastination and time management
> Problem solving and motivation
> Your study space (UniSA login required)

EPISODE 4: The Balancing Act

The balancing act involves prioritizing your commitments. Join hosts Casey and Nicole with special guests as they share tips on balancing study, work, socials and all the things that come with life as a student.

For more info & tips covered in this episode, follow the links below:

> Dealing with work, life, study challenges (UniSA login required)
> Time management (UniSA login required)
> Study planners
> Assignment planning calculator

EPISODE 5: The Study Groove

With assignments come grades and feedback, and our initial reactions to these can vary. Casey, Nicole and special guests talk about their experiences when it comes to dealing with feedback, and give some great study tips to help you find your study groove.

For more info & tips covered in this episode, follow the links below:

> Study Help
> Study Help PALS
> Learning Advisers
> Studiosity




Nicole (left) is doing her final year of a double degree in Creative Industries (Journalism and Professional Writing, AND Creative Writing and Literature). She’s based at Magill Campus and loves the beautiful surrounds and resident koala. Nicole is a great conversationalist, enjoys a good cup of tea, and often hangs out with friends in the Student Lounge.


Casey (right) is in his final year of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) at City West Campus. He also spends time helping other students as a leader of the Study Help PALS program – he finds this really rewarding! On campus, Casey can be found studying in the library, or playing table tennis in the Student Lounge with his mates.

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This podcast is a collaboration between the SEU and UniSA Creative at the University of South Australia.

The opinions expressed in the Study Room podcast are that of the hosts and/or guest speakers.  They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all students at UniSA.

  • Hosts: Nicole Sayegh & Casey Ellendon
  • Executive Producer: Kirstin Marks
  • Producers: Zorka Simic & Kirsty Summers
  • Editors: Nicole Sayegh & Casey Ellendon
  • Engineer: Phil van de Hout
  • Promotions: Meagan Kupke
  • Artwork: Isabella Whittaker

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