Potential outcomes of complaints of sexual assault and sexual harassment

There are five potential outcomes arising from a complaint about an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment. One or more of the following outcomes may apply:

  1. Referral to a specialised counselling and medical service (such as Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service) or UniSA support person such as the Counsellor and Training Coordinator (Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault) or other member of the Student Engagement Unit Counselling Team; and/or
  2. Potential disciplinary action for the respondent such as suspension, expulsion or program leave (if they are a student), or counselling and/or disciplinary action (if they are a staff member); and/or
  3. Identification of any changes in university policies, procedures, training or contractual arrangements; and/or
  4. Police investigation and possible prosecution via the relevant criminal justice system in the state, territory or country where the sexual assault took place for sexual assault offences.  Complaints of sexual harassment may result in further investigation or conciliation, as determined by the EOC or AHRC.
  5. Where there is an unproven complaint, no action.

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