We all know that missing out on good sleep can leave you tired and irritable, but did you also know just how bad it is for your memory, your health and even the way you look?

As a uni student, being able to think clearly and process information well is central to your success. Poor sleep can seriously erode this ability. Your brain needs time to rest at night to process what it has learned during the day and find a proper home for your new memories. Miss out on sleep and you will forget a lot of what you have learned the day before.

Poor sleep is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes and depression. It can even lead to weight gain, since the easiest way to deal with low energy is to reach for a sugary snack, right? Or else a cup of coffee, which will only further erode your ability to properly regulate your sleep.

It’s really important to get good rest, especially around exam times. Try these tips for a better night’s sleep.

  • Limit technology in the evenings (if you really must read on your phone in the evening, apply a blue light filter)
  • Limit caffeine
  • Set yourself limits – the child in us never likes to have a bed time, but it can be a good idea!
  • Make sure your bedroom is cool and dark
  • Take the time to learn and understand how good sleep fits in with a healthy lifestyle

Did you know?

Right here at UniSA we have The Centre for Sleep Research, a world leader in its field, working to extend our understanding and perception of human performance, sleep, fatigue and behaviour. Check out their amazing work.

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