Our Initiatives and Achievements

A University-wide Wellbeing Steering Group was established in 2016 and is chaired by Professor Kurt Lushington

The Wellbeing Steering Groups have overarching responsibility for driving strategic and institution-wide activity and student-led projects to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of UniSA’s whole community. There is student and staff representation across Schools, Units, Programs and USASA.   

If you have ideas for improving the health and Wellbeing of UniSA’s community and you would like to join the Wellbeing Steering Group, please email Nadia Rajic, Manager: Student Wellbeing at: nadia.rajic@unisa.edu.au

To find out about some of UniSA’s achievements on our journey to creating a healthy campus community so far, check out the list below:

International Association for University Health and Wellbeing

UniSA’s academic and researcher, Dr Helen Stallman in collaboration with UniSA colleagues has led the establishment of the International Association for University Health and Wellbeing. The Association promotes collaborative, national and international research on the health and wellbeing of university students.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid training aims to improve mental health literacy as well as the ability to be an effective first responder when supporting someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. UniSA has extended Mental Health First Aid training to student leaders since 2016. Mental Health First Aid training will be offered to student leaders again in the second half of 2018.

If you are a student leader interested in contributing to community wellbeing by attending 12-hour Mental Health First Aid training in 2018, register your interest with Nadia Rajic, Manager: Student Wellbeing.


Recognise and Respond Training

UniSA has been proactive in supporting the Respect Now Always national campaign to raise awareness about and prevent sexual violence in university communities since February 2016. We collaborated with Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service in 2017 to deliver training for staff and students on how to respond appropriately to someone who has experienced sexual assault.

If you are a student leader with an interest in attending Recognise and Respond training in the second half of 2018, register your interest with Sharon Lockwood, Counsellor and Training Coordinator (Sexual Assault and Harassment).


Partnership with batyr

UniSA works in partnership with batyr, a non-government organisation dedicated to smashing the stigma around mental illness and encouraging early help-seeking among young people in schools and universities.  UniSA’s batyr student executive has engaged thousands of students in programs and campaigns to encourage positive mental health among UniSA students since September 2016.

If you are a student with an interest in supporting student mental wellbeing and you want to get involved with batyr, register your interest with Alex Thorpe, batyr University Program Manager.


Smoke-free Campus

UniSA has been a Smoke-free campus since 2015

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