Student Wellbeing Workshops

It is no surprise that with everything going on in the world right now, many of us are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out. We’ve spent too long isolating indoors, we’ve lost the routines that keep us healthy and sane, we have distanced ourselves from our communities, and we've had to find new ways of studying/ working to pay the bills. On top of all that, having to deal with daily chores #lifeadmin, care for our families, juggle mutiple online platforms and figure out what to eat for lunch... not to mention squeezing in a quick online workout.

If you’re nodding with agreement as you read this or feeling exhausted just reading this, these challenges are likely taking a toll on your mental health. Come along to these two-hour workshops and discover the simple yet effective self-care tools that might be missing from your wellness toolkit. Plus, you'll get a small gift for attending a session! 

Workshop: Study- Health and Wellbeing Workshop (Study-Life Balance)

Wed 14 October, 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm, Online

Come along to this two-hour workshop and learn more about creating and sustaining study-life balance, including topics such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress management and mindfulness.