Online exams using Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

Online exams are exactly as they sound – held online using your own computer or laptop.  You will not be able to complete your exam on an iPad, Tablet or mobile phone.  You will access your exam in Moodle via the Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) browser.  The RPNow software works seemlessly in the background recording your webcam activity and your monitor.  Once you log out of RPNow, your computer will function normally.

Of course there are still rules and access to other applications will be prohibited in accordance with exam conditions as determined by your Course Coordinator.  So, planning for your exams is still very important, even if you are sitting it online in the comfort of your own home!    

Getting ready:

  1. Check your system requirements are compatible, including:
    Working microphone and webcam
    2nd monitor is disabled
  2. Download the Remote Proctor Now software.
  3. Complete the familiarisation exercise .  You will receive a notification to let you know when this is available.
  4. Prepare your environment for an exam setting.  For detailed information on what you need to do to successfully complete your exam online, check out the Guidelines for accessing your exam via Remote Proctor Now (RPNow) document (PDF 1.2MB - download Adobe Reader

Step by step:

For step by step instructions on how to download the RPNow Software, access the familiarisation exercise or final exam, and close RPNow when completed - make sure you follow the Student ONLINE exam instruction sheet

Review the most common exam rule violations and how to avoid them.

See a demonstration video on how to complete your room scan.