How will it be spent?

Ongoing updates about the use of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) revenue will be published here to inform students how the revenue will be spent, and later, what impact it has had on the University community. 

How will SSAF be spent in 2017?

 Download the full 2017 report here.

 Area  Items    2017 Allocation  

Students Association

Funding to support the operation of the University of South Australia Students' Association, USASA. USASA  delivers the key functions of student representation and voice, student advocacy, support for social & academic clubs, off-campus social activities, student media and magazine.


USASA Brekkie Bar

Funding to support the delivery of affordable breakfast bars across the university.


USASA Small Grants

Funding to promote vibrancy on campus, promote student engagement and enhance the   overall student experience at UniSA.


Student Engagement Activity (Uni-Wide)

Funding to support the delivery of the university’s Student Engagement strategy and   the activities of the Student Experience Team who delivery the strategy and coordinate non-academic student experience   activities across the university. Key activities include the delivery of all on campus events including, Multicultural Week, Wellbeing initiatives across   multiple campuses of the university.


Student Engagement Activity – Divisions

Business  School; Education, Arts & Social Science; Information Technology,  Engineering & Environment; Communications & Marketing.


Student Wellbeing Project

Student vaccinations


Student Experience Projects

Funding   to support the development of Student Engagement Framework which will place the needs of our students at the heart of what we do and ensure that our service provisions are delivering at the point of need.


Careers Strategy

Funding will be used to further implement the key initiatives of Leadership and Volunteering in the Community including   the services delivered by Career Shop.


UniSA Sport

Funding to support UniSA Sport   and the delivery of the university's sport strategy including supporting   student recreation and sport clubs, participation in university games events,   delivery of on campus events and sport activities and generally promoting the   benefits of sport and healthy lifestyles.


Whyalla Activity Fund

Funding to support student experience events & activities at Whyalla Campus.


Mt Gambier Activity Fund

Funding to support student experience events & activities at Mt Gambier Regional   Centre.


Student Engagement Grants

Pool of grant funding to promote Student Engagement.


Art & Culture on Campus

UniJam   Initiative - promoting student art on campus and supporting student   exhibitions in the West Bar Student Gallery.


Better Orientation

UniJam   Initiative - improving Orientation Week through campus day events and   orientation communications.


Student Insurance

Personal   Accident Insurance for Students.


Student Amenities & Infrastructure

Funding to support maintenance and operating costs of Magill Pool & Gym; City East Gym; Sports Centre Mawson Lakes and associated infrastructure projects.





Feedback on proposed priority areas

All students are invited to give feedback on the proposed areas of SSAF expenditure for 2017 via

Possible uses of the SSAF revenue

The legislation stipulates that the SSAF revenue may only be used to fund the following services:

  • providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider
  • supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students
  • supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students
  • caring for children of students
  • providing legal services to students
  • promoting the health or welfare of students
  • helping students secure accommodation
  • helping students obtain employment or advice on careers
  • helping students with their financial affairs
  • helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents
  • supporting debating by students
  • providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students
  • supporting an artistic activity by students
  • supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students
  • helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled
  • advising on matters arising under the higher education provider's rules (however described)
  • advocating students' interests in matters arising under the higher education provider's rules (however described)
  • giving students information to help them in their orientation
  • helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment

UniSA may choose to deliver services and amenities itself or contract a third party to deliver services and amenities on its behalf.