Your parchment is a valuable document and another identical parchment cannot be provided if it is lost (a replacement parchment will declare that it is a replacement).

If you are making an application for employment, it is normally sufficient to provide a certified photocopy of your award in the first instance. If it is necessary for you to send the original by post, you are advised to send it by registered mail or courier.

Parchment collection

If you choose not to attend your graduation ceremony you can collect your parchment from the Graduation Office on Level 1, 101 Currie St, Adelaide, following the graduation ceremony. Parchments are held at 101 Currie Street for approximately 3-6 months after graduation. 

You may either collect the parchment in person or authorise someone to collect it on your behalf. When collecting your parchment please bring photographic identification with you. If another person is collecting your parchment on your behalf, please provide them with your written authority to do so and advise them that photo identification will be required.

If you do not collect your parchment it will be stored off-site. As such, when you wish to collect it, we will need to request it from our archive department. This generally takes 4-5 working days. To request your parchment once it has been archived, please email the Graduations and Records Office.

August 2017 graduation parchments are available for collection.

Parchments from earlier graduation ceremonies have been archived. If you wish to request your parchment from these ceremonies, please contact the Graduations and Records Office.

Parchment postage

If you choose not to attend your graduation ceremony, the University can post your parchment to you. The costs for postage and packaging are:

  • $10.00 for registered mail within Australia
  • $20.00 for DHL Courier overseas

Please note that you cannot use a post office box address outside of Australia.

If you wish to have your parchment posted to you, please complete the Request for Postage of Award Parchment application form (PDF 131KB - download Adobe Reader