Domestic and International General

Please carefully read the information and instructions on the form before submitting. Contact details are noted on each form.

Some of these forms must be lodged by certain dates, please refer to the Important Dates on the form or key dates and timetables. To ensure accuracy of your personal information regularly check your record on myUniSA .

The maximum total file upload for online forms is 9.5 MB 

For further information, please refer to the relevant Academic Policies

Domestic and international students

Academic review

Academic Review Action Plan (Online Form)

Appeal to Division Appeals Committee against Preclusion (Online Form)

Appeal to Student Appeals Committee Against Preclusion (Online Form)


Application for Admission (Cross Institutional) (PDF 453KB)
This form is used by students from another institution applying to study at UniSA as Cross-Institutional enrolment.

Application for Admission (Non-Award/Audit) (PDF 418KB)
This form is used for Single Course Enrolments as a Non Award or Audit enrolment. 

Application for Cross-Institutional Study (PDF 90KB)
For UniSA students applying to study at another institution.


Appeal to Student Appeals Committee against Academic Misconduct (PDF 89KB)

Appeal to Student Appeals Committee against Review of Final Grade (Online Form)

Request to Head of School for Review of Final Grade (Online Form)  

Request to Pro-Vice Chancellor for Review of Final Grade (Online Form)


Credit Assessor (pre approved credit arrangements)

Application for Credit  (Online Form)

Nursing Application for Credit (PDF 94KB) This form should only be used by Enrolled/ Division 2 Nursing graduates

Open University future students can enquire here.

Application for Exemption (Online Form)

Elite Athletes and Elite Performers

Application for Elite Athletes and Elite Performers program (Online Form)


Add/Drop Classes (Online Form)
Includes Application for Post Census Correction of Enrolment Errors

Application for Amendment to Enrolment and Fees in Special Circumstances (Online Form)

Application to Change Program (Online form) - Please note that if you wish to internally transfer into a UniSA Online 100% online program you should use the UniSA Online application form.

Override Enrolment (PDF 97KB) 

Weekly Timetable Planner (PDF 39KB) 

Exams and assessment

Application for Secondary Assessment (Online Form)
For students who believe that unexpected or exceptional circumstances significantly affected their performance in the final examination/assessment item or their ability to attend the exam or submit the final assessment by the due date.

Application for Extension (PDF 72KB)

Application for Off-campus Secondary Assessment Examination (PDF 181KB)

OUA - Variation to Standard Requirements for Examinations or Supervised Assessment (PDF 63KB)

Graduations and transcripts

Application for Academic Transcript and AHEGS  (PDF 237KB)
application is for Academic Transcript and the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement. Please note that requests for pre-1991 records may take up to 3 weeks to prepare.

Hire of Academic Dress (PDF 97KB)
This form should only be used for hire OUTSIDE of the normal Graduation Ceremonies (for example if you wish to hire Academic Dress to have some photographs taken a couple of months after your Graduation). If you wish to hire Academic Dress for your Graduation Ceremony, you will have the opportunity to do this when you register for your Graduation.

Request for Postage of Award Parchment (PDF 131KB)
For graduands who opted to collect their parchment after their graduation ceremony but now wish to have their Parchment posted to their home address.

Application for Parchment Replacement (PDF 269KB)

Leave/withdrawal from program

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from Program (Domestic) (Online Form)
For Australian citizens, Permanent Residents or Temporary Residents not on a student visa.  

Leave of Absence from Program (International) (PDF 249KB)
For international students studying in Australia on a student visa only.

Withdrawal from Program (International) (PDF 249KB)
For international students studying in Australia on a student visa only.

Overseas professional registration

Verification for Professional Registration (PDF 56KB)
This form is to be used by University of South Australia graduates who are applying for professional registration overseas. Preparation of documentation can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

Personal details

Change of Personal Details (Online Form)

Extension to Network, Email and Library Access (PDF 40KB)


Consent and Authority to Release Criminal History Screening (*EDUCATION Programs Only) (PDF 88KB)

Student Exchange

Student Exchange Course Approval Form (PDF 120KB)