Community Engagement and Sponsorships page

We manage a number of university-wide and division-specific sponsorships including the Adelaide Football Club, Santos Tour Down Under, Head of the River Regatta and Pedal Prix

Sponsorships are a great way to engage with and contribute to the development of our community partners. 

How CMK can help

To help you make a decision about whether to sponsor an organisation, event or cause, please have a conversation with us.

We can also provide you with access to:

Points to consider before approaching CMK for support

  • What is your objective for sponsoring the organisation/event/activity? Does it align to University priorities and objectives?
  • Who does the organisation/event/activity engage with? Is this your target audience?
  • Do you have budget? The cost of the sponsorship is not only the sponsorship fee. You also need budget for leveraging the sponsorship, to ensure you get maximum benefit and exposure. E.g. cost of producing a flyer for event show bags, cost of couriering the banner if the event is offsite, cost of branded merchandise for giveaways. These are all costs that your budget needs to cover.
  • Who from your team will manage the sponsorship? Managing sponsorships effectively takes time so you will need to allocate a resource to do this.
  • Have you received support from Head of School, Research Centre Manager, PVC or Unit Director/Deputy Director/s to commence this project?
  • Are there any other areas of the University that are involved with the same organisation? Sometimes organisations approach multiple areas of the University for support, which can end up being very messy and we pay more than we need to.

Is sponsorship right for you?

There are other ways to engage with the community. Instead of sponsoring an event or activity you may consider:email (eDM) to key stakeholders

Contact us

If you are based in a Division, or research centre associated with a Division, please contact your local Manager: Communications and Marketing about your marketing requirements.

If you are from a Business Unit outside of a Division, you can contact Manager: Strategic Projects.