Events at UniSA

The Communications and Marketing Unit (CMK) manages a number of events, of all types and sizes. These include Open Day, campus open days, public lectures, corporate dinners and Vice Chancellor events.

The reason we choose to run events is to strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and raise awareness of our facilities, teaching, research, community outreach and industry engagement initiatives.

Helpful Resources

We know what it takes to run an event and so we have developed some resources for you to use when planning and delivering your event.


Quick link - Event Management Toolkit (PDF 1Mb).

All events are unique and require much planning. To help you run your event smoothly, we have developed an Event Management Toolkit for UniSA staff which outlines the main phases of an event from concept to review.

The Toolkit includes everything you need to know about running an event on-campus (and off-campus) and includes information on catering suppliers, protocols for VIPs, event content and more. Plus, it also contains helpful templates for event documentation such as budget, run sheets, invitations, name tags and everything in between.


Quick link - CMK items for loan webpage.

Banners, backdrops and lecterns are a great way to showcase our brand at events. Other items such as flags and bollards can also help you to guide people to and around your event.

CMK have a selection of resources which are available for loan at your University event:

  • Banners
  • Flags
  • Media backdrops
  • Speakers Lectern
  • Bollards.


Depending on the objectives of your event, there may be alternative approaches that could be considered to meet these:

For further information read our Event Management Toolkit.

CMK Event Support

CMK are responsible for running University-wide corporate, major research and student recruitment focused events. If you are running an event that is:

  • University-wide
  • Focused on prospective student recruitment, research promotion and brand enhancement, and
  • Engages the external community (e.g. prospective students, industry and media),

Contact us to discuss what type of support we can provide based on the event type and time of year. Please note that we will require approximately 12 weeks’ notice prior to an event.

For all other events, please refer to the Event Management Toolkit (found above). However, if you have questions do not hesitate to contact us (see below).


Before requesting CMK’s event support, it is important to consider the following points:

  • What is your objective for running an event? Is an event required?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Does your event meet the corporate event definition?
  • Is your event part of your Division’s Bill of Works and events calendar, defined at the beginning of each year?
  • How does the event support your School/Division/Unit objectives and priorities?
  • Do you have budget? All events require budget. The amount of funding required depends on size and complexity of the event.
  • Have you received support from your Head of School, Research Centre Manager, PVC or Unit Director/Deputy Director to commence this event?
  • Are there any other areas of the University that are involved with the same event? Sometimes organisations approach multiple areas of the University for support, which can end up being very messy and we pay more than we need to.


  1. Fill in the event request template with key event details, including budget available.
  2. Contact CMK (contact details below) to determine what type of support we may be able to provide, based on the event details and time of year.

Please note that we will require approximately 12 weeks’ notice prior to an event.

Contact us


If you are based in a Division, or research centre associated with a Division, please contact your local Manager: Communications and Marketing about your marketing requirements.

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