Logo of University of South AustraliaA logo is a fundamentally important branding tool. The UniSA logo instantly and clearly identifies a marketing communication as belonging to the University. The Communications and Marketing Unit is responsible for logo use.

The University of South Australia logo is a Registered Trade Mark and its use is subject to approval. Staff may download the University of South Australia logo in various configurations for use in University promotional and corporate material.

If you are from a Division and require advice on how to use the University logo please contact your Division marketing representative.

If you are from a Business Unit and require advice on how to use the University logo please contact Deputy Director Marketing and Student Recruitment.

Logo features and versions

Standard vertical version

The preferred logo comprises the crest and the name 'University of South Australia' in a vertical format. The logo is a solid, simple and distinctive design that promotes memorability and easy recognition. The shield is shaped and based on the letterform 'U'; the 'uplifting' forms express aspiration to higher achievement.

The font for the name was changed in 2012 to Frutiger bold so please ensure you are using the most up to date version.

Co-brand logos

To ensure consistent branding and the prominence of the University brand, University entities may use an approved co-brand logo on selected communications.

Please note that the use of co-brand logos should be minimised as they can contribute to 'brand fragmentation'. For more information about when the co-brand logo is appropriate to use, please read the Branding and Style Guide.

All co-brand logos will feature the vertical format of the University logo on the left of a dividing vertical line, with the entity name on the right.

A very few University entities have approved secondary logos such as the Hawke Centre and Samstag Museum, but it is expected that no further secondary logos will be approved, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Development of any future co-brands or secondary logos must only occur with the approval of the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer as per the current Code of Practice;Marketing the University.

Download co-brand logos

Co-brand logo artwork is available in png and eps image formats on SharePoint (staff only access).

Alternative horizontal version

Horizontal version of UniSA corporate logo

When horizontal space is limited it is more appropriate to use a horizontal version of the logo, with the name on two lines to the right of the crest. For example, on the header of the corporate web page template, on promotional merchandise, or on the footer of a document with other similar aligned partner logos.

Staff seeking clarification on the appropriate use of the logo in promotional material may email the Deputy Director Marketing and Student Recruitment.

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