High Performance Computing (HPC)

Speed up your research with Australia's fastest supercomputer Gadi

High Performance Computing (HPC) allows UniSA researchers and research students to use parallel processing to run advanced programs and applications efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

  • Solve large scale problems quickly and efficiently - process data and perform complex calculations at high speed
  • Reduce the duration of running complex jobs to solve research issues
  • Get increased performance for less financial outlay
  • No requirement to purchase additional equipment (servers, storage, etc.) – access Gadi from your PC
  • At elbow support available to assist you with your HPC activities

Help and support guides

Accessing Gadi HPC

Gadi is Australia’s most powerful supercomputer, able to accommodate a wide range of tasks, from running climate models to genome sequencing, from designing molecules to astrophysical modelling.

Registering for access to Gadi
Logging into Gadi

Running jobs

To run compute tasks such as simulations, weather models, and sequence assemblies on Gadi, users need to submit them as jobs to queues.

Getting started
Advanced concepts

Working with data

Before submitting a job, users must make their programs and data available to the Gadi HPC.

Copying data
Scratch space

Working with applications

Users can take advantage of specialised applications installed on the Gadi HPC.

Working with applications


Users must adhere to the policies set forth by the National Computing Infrastructure.


Training and support

Several training and support options are available to help you make the most of High Performance Computing.

Frequently Asked Questions