Research Tools

How do I manage references?

An important element of research is maintaining a list of where facts, quotes, or any artefacts were found in order to correctly cite these items in your research.  The University supports bibliographic management software such as EndNote.

For more information please refer to the Managing References webpage.

How can I store and share large files?

UniSA offers a Research Data Storage solution which enables researchers to manage, collaborate and share data with others. Hosted on both Mawson Lakes and City West data centres the UniSA Research Data Storage solution provides high capacity storage, with data protected through daily backups and via data replication technologies.

Researchers using the UniSA Research Data Storage solution are initially provided with 50GB of storage space. Storage can also be allocated to research groups (including external partners). Access to a group storage allocation is managed by the requesting researcher and the total storage space available for individuals and groups is open to negotiation.

Researchers can easily access their files remotely and work with members of their research group and external collaborators through a web interface or from an app on a mobile device.