Vendor Maintenance

Purpose of Vendor Maintenance

The Vendor Maintenance Team (VM Team) is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Vendor Master File (Accounts Payable (AP) Chart held in Finance One).  The VM Team manages the procedures for requesting, creating and maintaining the vendor master files.  They control the data entered into the files in order to maximise efficiency within the Accounts Payable function so that occurrences of duplicate vendors and information inaccuracies are avoided.

Creating and Amending Vendors

Does a Vendor already Exist?

To check whether an organisation/individual is set up as a Vendor in Finance One, go to the 'Chart & Ledger Enquiry' tab and select the 'AP Chart Account Enquiry' option.  Use the search facility to locate the Vendor using any of their relevant information provided (e.g. ABN number, student ID, business name etc.).  If a Vendor contains the data entered it will appear in the search list with the associated Vendor Code.  Select the Vendor Code to view the data held in the Vendor Master File.  

How do I Add a New Vendor (Domestic and International) in Finance One?

If you require a new Vendor to be added into to the AP Chart, please complete the Vendor Account Request (FS09) form in Appian.  You will need to obtain the following information listed in the below table to complete the form.

Please Note: In addition to completing the FS09, invoices must be submitted to Accounts Payable via (domestic bank invoices) or (overseas bank invoices) to be processed for payment.

Criteria Vendors with Australian Bank Accounts (Domestic Vendors) Vendors with Non-Australian Bank Accounts (Overseas Vendors) 
Name (to appear as the Vendor Name in Finance One)

ABN Number (if applicable)  

Postal Address (PO Box not acceptable for overseas)


Telephone Number  
Email Address (for remittances)  
Name on the Account  
Account Number  
Swift Code ×  
IBAN (if applicable) ×   
Sort Code / ABA / Routing Transit Number (if applicable) ×   
Bank / Financial Institution Name ×   

How do I Amend Existing Vendor Details (Domestic and International) in Finance One?

If an existing Vendor file requires updates/amendments, please use the Vendor Account Request (FS09) form in Appian and enter the new information in the relevant fields.

What are the University's Payment Terms and can these be altered? 

The University's normal terms of trade are payment within thirty (30) days for goods and services from the date of a compliant tax invoice being correctly rendered and satisfactory receipt of the goods and/or services. To request a change to these standard terms, you are required to use the Payment Terms section within the Vendor Account Request (FS09) form in Appian. All requests require supporting evidence of a legitimate reason why the payment terms need amending (e.g. discount offered on early payment, deposit etc.). The request will then be submitted to Strategic Procurement Team for approval.

Please note: Staff, Students and Honorariums payments are made on seven (7) day payment terms.

Statement by Supplier (SBS) Form

To obtain the latest SBS form, please refer to the ATO website.

For further information regarding dealing with suppliers who do not have an Australian Business Number (ABN), please refer to the Finance Unit Tax Pages.

Vendor Maintainence Guidelines

Vendor Maintenance guidelines can be found here (PDF 181KB).

Contact the Vendor Maintenance Team

Position Email Phone
Procurement Officer 08 8302 1797