Packing Biological Material For Export

Packaging instructions

The International Air Transport Association‐Dangerous Goods Regulations require specific Packaging Iinstructions (PI) for each of the United Nations numbers:

PI 620 to UN 2814 and UN 2900

PI 650 to UN 3373, and

PI 904 to UN 1845 (dry ice).

The PIs include all prescribed specifications for the packing material, markings, and labelling. For materials of category A and category B, an air waybill is necessary, and for category A material, a shipper's declaration according to IATA‐DGR regulations has to be filled out and signed by an authorized shipper. The shipper is responsible for the accurate classification, proper packaging, and labelling of the package and needs training including an examination every 2 years.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the transport company such as World Courier and they will pack your dangerous goods correctly for you.