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Why do we need an Ally Network at UniSA?

The University of South Australia has always been committed to welcoming and supporting all students and staff to be part of our community, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, ability or sexuality.

The establishment of an Ally Network at UniSA represents a significant step towards creating a culture that respects and celebrates sexual and gender diversity. We want to create a University community where all students, staff and visitors feel safe, supported and empowered to be who they are.

UniSA Allies

The UniSA Ally Network is a voluntary network of safe and non-judgemental contacts in support of our rainbow community.

 Allies can help with:

  • Questions around gender and sexual diversity
  • Peer support for queer identifying students and staff
  • Support to navigate university systems
  • Referral to relevant UniSA and external services
  • Suggestions for activities and events

Allies CANNOT help with:

  • Expert advice on sexuality or gender
  • Professional counselling
  • 24 hour availability
  • Legal or medical advice

See below for the full list of Allies across the University. You can email them in the first instance and depending on their availability, you might be able to organise to meet with them as well.  

Allyship 101 Training

Date: Friday 5 July 
Time: 1.00pm – 4.00pm 
Location: City West campus

Join this valuable Allyship 101 training session to learn how to be an effective ally and support your fellow students. Following the session, you will also be invited to sign the UniSA Ally Network pledge and become an official UniSA Ally.

Got a question?

Email your query to allynetwork@unisa.edu.au.

If you are not sure/ready to become a registered Ally yet but would like to improve your understanding and knowledge of the issues affecting the gender and sexually diverse community, we have provided some useful links and resources below:


Links and resources

Youth:                                                  minus18.org.au

Transgender Support:                   transcendsupport.com.au

Black Rainbow Australia:             blackrainbow.org.au

Sisters and Brothers NT:               ntahc.org.au/about-us

QLife:                                                    qlife.org.au

Silver Rainbow:                                 lgbtiqhealth.org.au/silver_rainbow

Intersex:                                              ihra.org.au

Muslim Faith:                                     sydneyqueermuslims.org.au

Parents, Family & Friends:           pflagaustralia.org.au

More resources:                                saraa.org.au/community/resources-support


ABC Network: “You Can’t Ask That” Series (approx. 30 mins each)

Series 1: Transgender

Series 3: Drag

What are Pronouns?

You Can't Ask That: Gender