Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is a modern practice with roots in a number of ancient contemplative traditions, in particular meditation. To be mindful is to be intentionally aware of the present moment, allowing whatever arises to come and go without judgement.

When we consciously bring our awareness to our present moment experience without judgement, we learn to intimately connect with the richness of our daily life, loosen destructive thought patterns and increase our levels of personal wellbeing.

Research has shown that mindfulness is an effective technique to assist in stress reduction. It can also increase self-awareness, enhance general psychological health, increase concentration and decrease levels of depression and anxiety.

Mindful Living

A daily practice of mindfulness will help you stay calm, connected and concentrate on what matters. Form a mindfulness habit by allocating just ten minutes at the same time every day, for at least three weeks. Find or create a peaceful, quiet space where you will not be disturbed and make this your mindfulness zone. Start with these practices to ease yourself into a mindful state.  Also use them whenever you need some calm and focus.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing is the basis of all other mindfulness practices. First learn this simple calming technique. Regular practice will help you become more comfortable with centring your attention using your breath.


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Mindful Breathing (Structured)

Also try this more structured breathing practice from Bupa. Use it to ground yourself in the present moment and experience a sense of calm.

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Quick Connect

Use this quick Body Scan from Bupa to slow your mind and centre your attention. It can help you feel calm and find focus – an ideal way to start study sessions.

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Mindful Connecting

You can use your living space and natural surroundings to bring your attention into the present moment. These short practices will help you experience and respond to the world around you differently. People often find they have increased appreciation and compassion. The practices can also help you develop your concentration and ability to focus on details.

Mindful Walking

This activity can be practised inside or outside. You can heighten the sensations of your feet on the ground if you walk with bare feet.

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5 Senses Meditation

This practice uses all your senses to connect with the world around you. Use it to bring your awareness into the present moment.

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Mindful Drinking

Eating and drinking are habits we often take for granted. This practice will help you to find a deeper appreciation for these everyday experiences.

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This practice will focus your attention on being kind to yourself, to others and to the entire world. It will help you to stay present without judgement or negativity.

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Mindful Calming

Try these longer practices to deepen your mindful state. They will help you learn how to manage internal distractions, which tend to disrupt and interfere with a calmer lifestyle.

Leaves on a Stream

This practice will help you step back from thoughts. Use it to focus your attention. It can also calm and quieten your mind to help you sleep.

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Mindful Body Scan

A mindful Body Scan draws your attention to the sensations in your body in this moment. Connecting with body sensations can help you feel more grounded and relaxed.

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Mindfulness of Emotions

This practice can change the way you respond to uncomfortable or difficult feelings when they arise. Use it to become more aware and tolerant of your feelings.

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Mindfulness Apps and Resources

With regular practice, mindfulness changes the way we view and manage the stresses and strains we inevitably experience. For many reasons, the demands in our lives change, but developing a mindful practice brings a sense of constancy in how we respond to these changes. Explore these apps and resources to make mindfulness your path to a calmer lifestyle.


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Mindfulness and the science behind it

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