Assessment Policy and Procedures

From 1 January 2023 the former Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) has transitioned to a new format which is consistent with the requirements of the University’s Policy Framework. The following list provides links to this suite of documents:

Ensure the current version of the documents is always being referred to.

Some former APPM content is now covered in other policies and procedures. These are linked in this table which maps where the previous APPM content is now to be found:

Former APPM content


Chapter 1: Assessment Principles and Requirements

Assessment Policy

Assessment Requirements Procedure

Chapter 2: Course Outline

Course Outline Procedure

Chapter 3: Moderation

Moderation Procedure

Chapter 4: Practice-based Learning

Work Integrated Learning Procedures associated with the Work Integrated Learning Policy

Chapter 5: Re-marking and Re-submission

Re-marking and Re-submission Procedure

Chapter 6: Examination Procedures

Examination Procedure

Chapter 7: Variations to Assessments

Variations to Assessments Procedure

Chapter 8: Final Grades and Notations

Final Grades and Notations Procedure

Chapter 9: Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Procedure associated with the Academic Integrity Policy

Chapter 10: Academic Review

Academic Review Procedure

Chapter 11: Student Appeals Committee

Student Appeals Committee Procedure

General Definitions

Content included in the Glossary of University Terms


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