Research Degree Prizes



1. The purpose of this Policy is to establish the principles underpinning the recognition of eligible students’ academic achievement through prizes.


2. This Policy applies to prizes awarded to research degree students where funding is administered by the University.


3. This Policy does not apply to:

  1. prizes for undergraduate students and postgraduate coursework students; or
  2. prizes wholly administered by organisations external to the University.


4. Academic Board is the approving authority for this Policy.

5. The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise is the officer responsible for organisation-wide adherence to this Policy.

6. The procedural responsibilities of this Policy are provided in Procedure AB-62: Research Degree Prizes.

Policy Principles

7. Prizes are of strategic significance to the University’s competitive, research and equity aspirations and indicate the University’s commitment to academic and research excellence, social responsibility, equity and diversity.

8. The University will support growth in the range and number of prizes congruent with its strategic intent through setting aside funds for prizes to be established, actively encouraging donations from industry, government, business and community organisations, alumni and philanthropists, as well as through allocation of earned income by the University.

9. All external funds received for the purpose of an approved prize may be directed via the University’s Foundation and will be managed in accordance with the principles outlined in the Code of Practice: University philanthropic activity, for the purposes specified by the donors. The University will report annually on the use of the funds to the donors or their trustees.

10. The University reserves the right not to accept prize funds from a donor, and not to accept particular conditions on funding, or the requirement to impose certain criteria associated with a new prize.

11. If, for any reasons, a donor is unable to meet the financial obligations associated with a prize, the University will not be responsible for providing ongoing payments to prize recipients.

12. The University may recognise its most outstanding research degree students or graduands by the awarding of University prizes as detailed in Procedure AB-62: Research Degree Prizes.

13. The University will select research degree students for a prize against published selection criteria.



Prize is selected on academic merit and/or research excellence to acknowledge outstanding academic achievement in a course, group of courses or program, in accordance with the selection criteria. A prize may take the form of a certificate or letter of recognition, a plaque or medal, a subscription or membership, nominated items or monetary reward.

Associated Documentation

Policy AB-58: Research Degrees

Policy AB-59: Research Degrees and Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

Procedure AB-62 P1: Research Degree Prizes


  • Officer Responsible for Update and Review: Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise
  • Approved by: Academic Board, 26 March 2021
  • Commencement Date: 1 April 2021
  • Review Date: March 2026
  • History: This Policy supersedes Policy RES-21: Higher Degree by Research Prizes.