Research Integrity Policy



1. To ensure that research which is undertaken at the University of South Australia (University) is managed in alignment with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and all supporting Guides.


This policy is applicable to:
2. All persons who are engaged in research in, or in conjunction with, the University, including but not limited to, University staff, contractors, adjuncts and visitors, whether paid or unpaid;
3. Any person who wishes to report a breach of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
by University staff, contractors, visitors or adjuncts.


4. Academic Board is the approving authority for this policy.
5. The Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise is the officer responsible for organisation-wide adherence to this policy.
6. Members of the University Community are responsible for complying with this policy.
7. Deans of Research in each Academic Unit are responsible for ensuring the management of responsible research within their Academic Unit.

Policy Principles

8. The University pursues research excellence and works with partners and end-users to address significant real-world challenges.
9. The University upholds the highest standards of research integrity and expects responsible conduct of research from all members of the University Community.
10. Each person to whom this policy applies has an obligation to report breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research.
11. The University will deal with all complaints regarding research promptly, fairly, with sensitivity, consideration of the welfare of staff and the University Community, and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
12. Where appropriate, the University may refer a complaint to an external agency, if the complaint or the information subsequently available, may uncover possible corrupt behaviour or systematic maladministration.


Academic Unit. A major organisational unit with responsibility for academic programs. At the University, there are seven Academic Units: UniSA: Allied Health & Human Performance; UniSA: Business; UniSA: Clinical & Health Sciences; UniSA: Creative; UniSA: Education Futures; UniSA: Justice & Society; and UniSA: STEM.

Assessment Officer is the person appointed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Enterprise to conduct a preliminary assessment of a complaint about research integrity and who provides recommendations to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Enterprise.

Complainant is the person making a complaint regarding a potential breach of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

Deans of Research is the research leadership role in each Academic Unit enacting the University’s research strategy and is responsible for the oversight of research degree programs in their Academic Unit. The Dean of Research may delegate in writing the leadership and management of research education and related activities to a Professorial Lead with portfolio responsibility for the research degrees in the Academic

Applicable Industrial Instrument means either the University of South Australia Enterprise Agreement 2023 or the University of South Australia Senior Staff Collective Agreement 2006 (as varied or replaced from time to time).

Natural justice is a principle that provides procedural fairness to all parties by ensuring that: all parties must be provided with information about the University’s processes for looking into potential breaches of the Code; given an opportunity to present their case; the respondent must be provided with notice and information about allegations made against them and information about their rights (including the right to have a support person present); the respondent must be given a reasonable timeframe within which to respond and preliminary investigations must be timely; any Assessment Officer must declare any conflict of interest; the decision maker must act fairly and without bias, consider all relevant evidence, and base any decision on evidence that supports it; and information will be treated as confidential and not disclosed unless required under legislative arrangements or in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement.

Research degree student is an individual enrolled in a research degree.

Research Integrity Advisor A person or persons with knowledge of the Code and University processes nominated by the University to promote the responsible conduct of research and provide advice to those with concerns or complaints about potential breaches of the Code.

Respondent is the person against whom a complaint regarding a potential breach of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research has been made.

University Community refers to all students and staff members of the University including honorary title holders, adjuncts, visiting academics, guest lecturers and volunteers who are contributing to the work of the University but who are not staff members.


Associated Documentation
Procedure AB-66-P1 Research Integrity
Procedure AB-58-P7 Research Degrees Student Research Misconduct

Officer Responsible for Update and Review: Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise
Approving Authority: Academic Board
Commencement Date: 25 June 2021
Review Date: June 2026
History: This is a new policy which supersedes the Managing Research Misconduct Procedures