Hire of University facilities

POLICY NO: C-13.0 



REFERENCE AUTHORITY:  Chief Operating Officer, Director: Facilities Management Unit, Campus Facilities Managers.


The University seeks to maximise the utilisation of its assets, consistent with its mission. This policy covers the hiring of teaching and other space, furniture and equipment to the General Community at times when the facilities and space are not required to support the main purpose and operations of the University followed by additional requirements of its Students who are represented aggregately by their elected Student Body. 

The University of South Australia Act 1990, as amended provides for the University to make charges for services or facilities that are provided by the University to the public on a commercial basis. The University also has obligations in law regarding the recording of income, and its duty of care to users of its services and facilities. 

The procedures that follow the statement of policy are designed to provide a uniform approach for the University to administer the hiring of its facilities, to meet its legal responsibilities, to ensure recovery of all associated costs and to provide an incentive to cost centres to pursue the generation of additional income. 


The University seeks to maximise the return on its assets through appropriate entrepreneurial activities at times when the assets are not otherwise being fully utilised in the pursuit of the teaching and research goals and objectives of the University. University facilities are under the ownership and disposition of the University and not of its component elements, even though individual units or schools may have day-to-day responsibility for particular facilities for the purpose of carrying out their normal function. Delegation of usage rights and responsibilities is at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor. 


1. The University will adopt the following procedures in administering this policy: 

1.1    the use of University facilities in this policy context shall be managed by the respective Campus Facility Manager, who will liaise with relevant units or schools on availability and any direct or indirect costs to be part of the hire charge. 

1.2    all applications for the hire of University facilities will be on the form FM122 Application for use of University facilities (external hire) and, on approval of the application, all Hirers must complete the form Conditions of Hire of Facilities.

2. Charges for the Hire of facilities will normally be adjusted annually, or at other times as determined by the Chief Operating Officer or nominee, having regard to the requirement to recover costs and provide incentive, by taking account of : 

2.1    recovery of direct and indirect corporate costs incurred for the duration of hire (corporate overheads cover those costs met by the University-wide cost centres). 

2.2    recovery of direct or indirect campus costs incurred for the duration of hire (campus overheads cover those costs met by divisions, schools, specialist units, campus services), and a component for the entrepreneurial endeavours involved. 

2.3    estimates of building and equipment depreciation and maintenance costs as reflected in building cost indices, and a component which reflects the use of the University's image in the marketing of the facilities. 

3. The Chief Operating Officer or nominee will determine the category of Hirers to which differential charges will be levied: 

3.1    Category A Hirers will be non-profit educational organisations, and will normally be required to pay a "flat" rate being determined on a full cost-recovery basis. 

3.2    Category B Hirers will be non-profit organisations with whom the University wishes to create or maintain goodwill, and may have charges waived or varied. 

3.3    Category C Hirers will be all others not described in 3.1 or 3.2 above. 

4. The collection and disbursement of hire fees will be managed on each Campus by the respective Campus Facility Manager. 

4.1    Returns of costs specified in 2.1 and 2.3 will be disbursed to University miscellaneous revenue. 

4.2    Returns of costs specified in 2.2 will be managed through a Campus Facilities Hire Fund established for that purpose. Funds will be disbursed from there to campus-based cost centres in proportion to the direct or indirect costs which formed part of the hire charge.