Conferral of the Honorary Awards Doctor of the University and Fellow of the University, and the Honorary Academic Title Emeritus Professor


Context and Purpose

Council Policy C-37 Honorary Awards and Honorary Academic Titles details the principles informing, and criteria applying to, the granting of honorary awards and honorary academic titles by the University of South Australia. This procedure details the nomination, conferral and rescission procedures applying to three of the awards and titles referenced in that Policy:

  • Doctor of the University (DUniv)
  • Fellow of the University (FUniSA)
  • Emeritus Professor


The General Counsel and University Secretary, through relevant Unit Directors and Executive Deans, will ensure organisation-wide adherence to this procedure.


All matters related to nomination, conferral, and rescission of honorary awards and honorary academic titles must be managed, by all engaged in those processes, with due regard to the privacy of those affected.

A. Nomination

1. Periodically, the Governance and Nominations Committee (GNC) may invite nominations from senior staff, Council and Committees of Council.

2. Nominations, submitted to the University Secretary on the appropriate nomination form, will detail the nominee’s suitability against the criteria listed in Council Policy C-37. Nomination forms are available here:

3. The University Secretary will prepare a summary of nominations for consideration by the Vice Chancellor.

B. Conferral

4. The Vice Chancellor will review the nominations and may consult as appropriate with members of senior staff to prepare a list of nominations for consideration by the GNC.

5. The GNC will consider the nominations provided by the Vice Chancellor and recommend conferral or otherwise to Council.

6. Where conferral is approved by Council, recipients will be invited in writing by the Chancellor to accept the relevant award/title.

7. Where conferral is not approved by Council, the University Secretary will notify the nominator in writing.

8. Formal conferral of DUniv, FUniSA awards will be at a scheduled UniSA graduation ceremony, or at another occasion determined by the Chancellor.

9. Following Council approval, the title Emeritus Professor may be used by the recipient when the staff member retires or leaves the employ of the University. The recipient will also be invited to attend a graduation ceremony where the ceremonial conferral will occur.

10. When a nominee accepts an award/title, the University Secretary will notify the nominator, and the Directors of Student and Academic Services (SAS), People Talent and Culture (PTC), Information Strategy and Technology Services (ISTS), and Communications and Marketing (CMK).

11. The Directors SAS, PTC, ISTS and CMK will take further action as appropriate to ensure University records are updated and appointments are publicised.

C. Rescission

12. DUniv, FUniSA and Emeritus Professor appointments are subject to rescission in extraordinary circumstances. If such circumstances arise, the Chancellor will refer the matter to the GNC for consideration and a recommendation to Council. A decision to rescind an Honorary Award may only be made by Council.

  • Officer Responsible for Update and Review: General Counsel and University Secretary
  • Approved by: Council
  • Commencement Date: 11 August 2020
  • Review Date: July 2023
  • History: This procedure supersedes the procedural detail in:
    Policy C-16.5 : Honorary Academic Titles
    Policy C-31.3: Honorary Awards